Magic Repellent Spray Frees Us from the Struggles of Messy Eating


You know what they say: The best foods in life are probably going to ruin your brand new shirt. From chili-cheese fries to ribs to hot fudge sundaes, it’s hard appreciating good, solid, messy eats when you’re too worried about whether or not the leftovers will match your outfit. But suppose you could spray your clothes with some sort of magical repellant which caused all those offending liquids to bead up and slide right off, all without you ever having to grab a napkin or even stop to breathe? Manners? Bah!

We’ve seen Rust-Oleum’s magical NeverWet spray before, back in 2011 when Lancaster online revealed a video demonstrating the product’s industrial uses. But now the NeverWet is commercially available at Home Depot and, for all of us to abuse to our hearts’ content.

Just spray the base and top coats and watch as chocolate sauce, mustard, gravy and water all roll miraculously off a ridiculous range of surfaces, including a t-shirt, sneakers and even an iPhone. Seriously, this video seems like one BS magic trick, but as far as we can tell, everything it claims is 100% true. Granted, current reviews from Home Depot do state that certain materials like cotton don’t completely seal off, leaving you with slightly damp feet should you decide to jog in the rain. Some have also complained about a faint grey film left behind by the spray when used on darker surfaces. But for only $20, it’s hard to make too much noise. Unless you were hoping to walk on water or use it to drown your enemies. That, the NeverWet definitely cannot do. Probably.

Rust-Oleum NeverWet Repellant Spray: $20 @ Home Depot

H/T + PicThx Lancaster