Julia Child Gets the Auto-Tune Treatment for Her 100th Birthday [VIDEO]

To celebrate Julia Child’s 100th birthday tomorrow, PBS Digital Studios released a brand new video for the late French Chef.

Third in a series of videos remixed by John D. Boswell, also known as melodysheep, the video features an auto-tuned mash-up of Julia’s many PBS appearances and is as addictive to listen to as it is to watch her cook. Check out the video below and bring on the roasted potatoes!


Jersey Shore’s Pauly D to Launch a Line of ‘Pre-Game’ Vodka Cocktails

It’s called REMIX, and according to DJ Pauly D, it’s a line of “ready to drink” cocktails that were made for those individuals looking to get their ‘pre-game’ on.

Come June 2012, famous Jersey Shore housemate Pauly D will launch the REMIX: Pre-Game Cocktail in his own home state of Rhode Island, New Jersey and other key markets. The new cocktail hopes to find a serious niche in the prepared cocktails segment of the liquor industry, with a huge banking on “pre-gaming” as a branding tool.

The entire line is being branded as RTD, aka “Ready-To-Drink.” Someone put some money in the douchebag jar for facilitating that acronym, we’ll start (imagine us putting a twenty-dollar bill into the community douche pot, thanks).

What’s pre-gaming?

Pre-gaming is the act of drinking before going out. You can pre-game before going to a theme park, before going to a club or party, or simply pre-game before going out to drink some more.

REMIX: Pre-Game Cocktail

REMIX boasts a range of original flavors, many of which are silly tie-ins to many of Pauly D’s sayings, tattoos and lifestyle notes.

Oye Mojito is a flavor that combines peeled lime and muddle mint. Yeah Yumberry, a mix of red berry and raspberry, with a hint of dark berry, gets its name from a play on Pauly’s key tag line “Yeah Buddy.”

The Strawberry Holla-peno flavor is a blend of ripe strawberry and jalapeno. The Starfruit flavor features a mix of starfruit and apple lime, with the name nodding to Pauly D’s “new star power phenomenon,” but we refuse to regurgitate that. We’ll just assume it’s named after that star tattoo the guy has on his elbow.

The 750ml bottles will have a suggested retail price of $14.99, a pricepoint he hopes to be quite accessible to his large fan base.

As soon as we get our hands on a bottle, we’ll let you know how it tastes…and if it’s worthy of a pre-game session.