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Krispy Kreme Owners Find Nazis & Slave Ownership Ties In Family History

It’s not often a brand admits to owning slaves and having Nazi ancestors, but Krispy Kreme just came out and openly spoke about it.

Krispy Kreme is operated under JAB Holding company, a German entity owned by the Reimann family, whom just learned of these atrocities.

A Reimann family spokesperson said that both Albert Reimann Jr. and Sr. used French and Russian prisoners as slaves in Germany during World War II, according to CNN.

Interestingly enough, the Reimann family is the one who set forth the investigation to actually uncover this part of their history.

As a result of  the investigation, they found that the elder Reimanns donated to Adolf Hitler’s paramilitary force in 1931.

While not pleased with this history, the Reimann family will be writing a book about it, so at least they’ll be able to take advantage of this less than savory situation. JAB will also be donating about $11.3 million to an undisclosed charity.

So whenever that book comes out, we’ll learn a lot more about the Krispy Kreme family’s ties to Nazi history.