The Best Way To Organize Your Fridge To Keep Food Fresh

If you just stack anything wherever it fits, you’re probably not fully utilizing your fridge’s potential for freshness, as there’s actually fridge organization tips that will keep your food fresher, longer.

Everyone has their own methods, but these tips seem to make the most sense for most US fridges.

Some of these you probably already know — like obviously the veggie drawer — but others might not have thought of  keeping cooked food in the middle of the fridge.

Check out the tips and organize accordingly to keep your food ultra fresh. Or don’t. Live your life:


Top Shelf

Milk and other dairy products should be stored on the top shelf, in the back where the fridge temperature is most consistent. Same goes for salad dressings and jams.


Top Door

With the door being opened and closed a lot, it can be one of the warmest parts of the fridge. Butter and soft cheeses like brie, or goat cheese can go on the top of the door without going bad.

Middle Shelf

If you’re refrigerating leftovers, or any cooked food, it’s best to keep them in the middle shelf. This also goes for any open canned food. You could probably sneak in your eggs in the middle shelf here.


Middle Door

Let’s not forget this part of the door, as the middle should belong to your condiments and pickles.

Meat Drawer

Deli meats. Period.

Bottom Shelf

The bottom shelf is reserved for uncooked meats, such as seafood and poultry. Wrap it up in plastic, or foil and make sure nothing’s dripping out.


Crisper Drawers

You probably already knew this one, as most of the drawers have pictures of fruit and veggies, letting you know that, duh, you use it for fruits and veggies. The drawers allow air to flow around the food, and keep them fresh.


Bottom Door

Last and not least, bottled products go on the bottom door compartment. Considering the way it’s built, you probably instinctively did that anyway, because that’s where they fit best.

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Reverse Microwave Chills Beer In 45 Seconds


Microwaves are handy little units when we want to heat food or drinks up quickly. However, never before has there been a gadget that does just the opposite — cooling without the long wait. That is, until now.

A product of Enviro-Cool Limited, V-Tex is an environmentally-friendly, efficient system that cools beverages in a matter of seconds. From wine bottles to soda cans, the unit is able to chill drinks in all types of containers without disturbing carbonation. How? V-Tex uses a “start stop rotational sequence” to create a Rankine vortex, which essentially keeps a drink in its original state while quickly bringing down the temperature.

The reverse microwave requires nearly 80% less energy than many standard drink chillers, allowing consumers to save money and keep things green. It also frees up standard refrigerator space, since most beverages can be stored at room temperature elsewhere until right before serving.

Enviro-Cool plans to release both commercial and domestic versions of V-Tex, but until then, we’ll have to settle for poppin’ bottles in the fridge. See how it works below:

H/T The Awesomer + Picthx V-Tex


Can We Haz? The Customizable $41,500 Refrigerator

The Meneghini La Cambusa is about as Mafia as appliances come. First, the name “la cambusa” means “the galley” in Italian. Second, the three-door, customizable fridge rolls with a scarily huge posse —  the unit’s additional components include a coffee maker, ice maker, microwave oven, steam oven, and dry food storage. Third, its proportions are so gargantuan that you could literally stuff a dead body in the freezer (end Mafia references). It’s like having a Costco in your kitchen. All that’s missing is a personal chef hiding in the pantry.

Bottom line: this is the Bugatti Veyron of refrigerators. The most jaw-dropping culinary contraption since the Paula Deen egg-and-muffin toaster poacher. This is everything and the kitchen sink, the baby and the bath water, and basically any other idiomatic expression that will aptly describe the 26.6 cubic feet, 1,100 pound monstrosity. And for $41,500, this monstrosity can be yours.

via Incredible Things/photo courtesy of Appliancist


If Your Fridge Isn’t Dressed Like This, It Probably Feels Naked Now

Do you have a boring refrigerator? Maybe it’s getting a little bit of a dirty tint to it, or you’re just not being expressive enough in the kitchen? That’s alright, Kudu Magnets has a solution for you: humongous fridge magnets.

Maybe you want your fridge to have a sexy girl wrapping her mouth around a banana? Check. Maybe you like your fridge to look like the fabric of a vintage couch you always used to sit on? Check. Kudu brand uses enormous magnetic panels to cover the entirety of the fridge, transforming that boring block in your kitchen into a piece of art.

Prices range from $30 – $70 from pre-selected magnets, with custom orders available via the company’s website.

[via IncredibleThings]


If You Don’t Have LG’s New Fridge, You’re Not “Blast-Chilling” Beers With a Jet Engine

On display at this week’s CES (technology trade show), LG Electronics has just introduced a new fridge that can take your beer from a boring, lukewarm temperature, to frosty and drinkable, in just minutes. Using a jet engine. That’s right. An engine, from a jet.

It’s the answer to a dilemma we face almost daily (alcoholics, rise up). How do you chill your can or bottle of beer without having to stick it in the freezer and wait a good 30 minutes? This solution can only take us so far, and usually brings up other problems. Chiefly, what to do with those thirty minutes where we can’t sip on a beer? Secondly, when we find something entertaining enough to pass the time, we often forget the beer is in the freezer, and end up pulling out a brick of beer margarita (not delicious).

Who comes to the rescue? LG does, with their new line of premium refrigerators that come with an awesome feature — the Blast Chiller. This new compartment feature promises to turn room-temperature 12-ounce cans of liquid from null to frosty in five minutes, with bottles of wine taking a mere eight minutes. IT’s also the same amount of time to cool two cans at the same time.

According to WSJ’s coverage of the new appliance, they remind audiences that LG’s work developing other home appliances definitely played a key role in the inception of the Blast Chiller. The new technology blasts the cans with icy-cold air gusts with the power of a jet engine [WSJ].

Techies may ask, won’t ice crystals form on an object that’s getting cold that fast?

The answer from LG would be NO, silly. Apparently, the refrigerator droor circulates cold air throughout the chiller compartment, while the base of the unit swirls each can to prevent ice crystals from forming.

I guess all those years of LG scientists working on air conditioners deep down in the labs while pounding cold ones really paid off. These fridges are coming soon, until then, enjoy your luke warm brews.

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Bacon Slice Magnets

I love magnets, especially the collections of words that you can make inappropriate sentences out of. This is one of those products that you would never need but have to have. What we have here are big slices of bacon that you can stick to your refrigerator. I would probably just make a frame out of it, and put a roommates picture in the middle. (Thx IncredibleThings)


Kanye West Moment In The Refrigerator

Look! An actually useful way to use a Kanye moment.(Thx EP)


VT-Chiller Single Bottle Wine Chiller & Warmer


This badboy was obviously created to keep the male pimp game strong. We’ve been doing a lot of research lately, keeping our ear to the streets on products like this that really go the extra mile on those special nights. What we’re looking at is a product from VinoTemp which uses a gnarly CPU to keep a precision temperature on exactly one bottle of wine. It works on bottles with a diameter of up to 3.5 inches, comes in a sleek silver finish, runs on 10 different temperatures (has LED indicator lights) and can chill as low as 37 degrees. This thing looks to be energy efficient and does not vibrate and mess up the tranquility of that Merlot. Available  for around $99 at Air-N-Water.