Avocado Shrimp Tostadas

Whenever I get a chance to see some high quality, well-photographed tostadas, I’ll happily make the jump from the greasy, falling apart, heart-attack inducing messes I get at my local taquerias (no offense Costa Mesa). A home-fried tostada shell, homemade spicy refried beans, charred corn, mashed avocado, lime juice, chives, red bell peppers and spicy garlic sauteed shrimp.

Our friend Gaby has made the entire recipe available on her blog, along with a few more enticing looking photographs of the meal.

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Recipe: Steak Toastadas

The Pioneer Woman had this type of recipe on her website a few months back, and one day I talked my dad into making them with me. He made all the tortillas and I did everything else. This recipe is sorta of hap-hazard, but it’s so simple that I’m sure if you throw something together it will come out just as good as these did. Check it out after the hop.