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This Tequila Shot Claims To Cure All Ills, Really Just Ruins Your Day


Every once in a while, you’ll hear about a secret, cure-all remedy that will take away your cold, your depression, and somehow even get rid of your syphilis. Ortega 120 in Redondo Beach claims to have such a remedy with it’s “No You’re Not” shot.

The shot consists of Kosher salt, dry pico de gallo, two ounces of anejo tequila, and a lime-covered glass rim. After mixing all that together, the drink is heated, with and additional lime spritz to top it off.

Sounds simple, right? Nothing crazy. But like most medicine, it doesn’t go down quite as easily.


Our Worst Shots Ever team went down to the bar and tried this shot. By the time they chugged it, they immediately regretted it, and both wanted to quit the show.

“It’s like when you’re a kid, and you don’t want to take medicine, but you do it anyway, because you know it’ll help you get better,” Our own Rudy Cheney said. “It felt like that, except this shot doesn’t help you get better. At all.”

Go ahead and laugh at their pain below and if you’re ever feeling sick, go ahead and try one of these shots yourself. See if it helps.

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This Bar Makes New Hires Chug A Fishy Crawfish-Filled Shot

Alcohol with your seafood meal sounds like a good time, but seafood inside your alcohol? That’s a big, fat ‘nope’.

In search for the worst shots that bartenders serve up to crush people’s souls, our team came across the “Crawfish Revenge” served at the Ragin’ Cajun Cafe in Redondo Beach, CA.

The shot consists of one part Stroh Rum, one part moonshine, one part dirty tequila, and of course, a piece of crawfish meat.

This shot is actually used as part of the initiation process for new hires at Ragin’ Cajun. Yup, congratulations on your new job. Now chug this destructive drink. While its origins came from a Vegas bar, Ragin Cajun’s owner decided it’d be great to take this fishy mix to California.


As you can imagine, it’s pretty terrible. Our own Rudy Chaney said, “This one was just downright fucking sadistic. This is the shot of a psychopath.”

So Rude wasn’t a fan, and Sean threatened to quit the series.

If you’re a fan of seafood, with a touch of torture, this will be your jam.


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This Mexican Candy Shot Tastes A Lot Worse Than It Sounds [WATCH]

Sometimes you hear about a drink and think to yourself, “That sounds pretty good.”

A Mexican Candy shot would probably fall under that category, as you’d think the spiciness and sweetness would have a Michelada-like taste you could work with.

Our Worst Shots team found that to be very wrong, as they visited the Slip Bar & Eatery in Redondo Beach, CA.

It starts off sounding delicious, with some lime and Tajin chili seasoning kissing the lip of the class. Then some tequila and watermelon pucker is mixed together, which still sounds pretty respectable.  As soon as they add Tapatio hot sauce to the mix, the whole drink goes to hell, in a twist that left our own Sean Fahmy gagging and hating his life choices.

“I’m going to give it a hard 3, out of 20,” our bud Rudy Chaney said about the Mexican-inspired drink. “It’s pretty good if you want to give it to someone who’s a f*cking a**hole.”

Believe it or not, there are a couple of regulars at the California bar who actually order this shot. But if you’re like us, you might want to just stick to the good ol’ Michelada.

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This Shot Is The Result Of Being A Jerk To Your Bartender

Bartenders provide the serum for a lot of your enjoyable nights. Sure, sometimes drinks don’t come out great, but you should still be nice to the guy, or gal behind the counter. If you act like a dick, you might end up with a regrettable drink that will live in on in your memory forever.

You wouldn’t think that a shot called “Sunshine in the Mud” would come from a place of malice, but that’s exactly how this drink at R10 Social House in Redondo Beach, CA came to be.

Rich from R10 said that he had a hungover customer who was giving him a hard time, all night. The man’s drink of choice was a “Bloody Mary, but not a Bloody Mary.”

First of all, what?

Second of all, what?!

Maybe not the nicest thing Rich could have done, but he got every foul ingredient he could get his hands on — which sounds like a Bloody Mary anyway — and mixed together this vile shot for the rude customer.

The Sunshine in the Mud has a mix of raw egg yolk, Fernet Branca, tequila, olive brine, horse radish, Serrano chili, lime juice, and a topping of egg white .

In search of the world’s worst shots, ever, our own Sean Fahmy and Rudy Chaney tried the vile concoction, and when asked about how terrible the shot was, Rudy straight up said:

“I would tell you, but I don’t want to remember, because I f*cking repressed that memory.”

That’s pretty much all you need to know about this shot.