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‘Man Eating Food,’ A New Viral YouTuber, Will Eat Anything You Ask Him To

About two weeks ago, Ben Rosen, an avid Reddit user, posted a collaboration with Eric, a middle-aged guy with a greying beard and leg-sized forearms. Eric’s idea combined with Ben’s Internet-savvy birthed the odd, yet aesthetically pleasing YouTube channel “man eating food.”

The not-yet-but-about-to-be viral popularity began on Reddit, of course, when Ben posted, “I have videos of a guy eating every food… I’ll respond to any food requests in the comments with the appropriate video.” The attached YouTube video has an unforgettable screen cap of Eric furrowing his brows and staring straight into the camera as he eats a spoonful of mayonnaise.

These videos are 10 to 15 seconds, long enough for Eric to take a bite, poker faced, of whatever Redditors request, whether it be onion, dog food, or even trash bag.

The number of responses on Reddit exceeded Ben’s expectations and made it hard to keep up. So much so that YouTube struggled to process the large number of uploads.

As of this writing, there are about 126 videos, all with the same white background, brown desk, Eric’s blue gridded polo, and crisp sounds. The clarity of Eric’s bite contains an aspect of mukbang (that thing where people, usually cute girls, eat food loudly and without manners); his eating sounds crisp in that ASMR-like way. In “man eating food,’ Eric and Ben elevated mukbang, making it artistic instead of voyeuristic.


The videos are formulaic and, therefore, addicting. As the food or object in front of Eric varies, the more inclined one feels to click it and watch — building hope that this will be the video where he will finally give some clue as to how it tastes.

But what elicits the grand question about Internet behavior are the view-counts. It is an unknowable mystery why “spinach” has 772 views and “tea” has 32,000.

Whether people are kinky or just find one food better than the other, what makes “man eating food” so good is its consistency of vision: a simple set, crisp sounds and his calm demeanor. In the end, everyone deserves to see someone bite into an onion like an apple, or chomp on a roll of paper towels. And Eric is the handlebar mustache martyr we all need to do so.

Check out their YouTube channel, and see more videos for yourself.

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15 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Instant Ramen

When you’re going through the struggles of college and living off of instant ramen on the daily, it can get really boring and depressing to be continually slurping the same noodles. However, we’ve all evolved past the point of settling and come up with tons of ways to step up our game when it comes to the dorm food staple. Some, of course, are definitely superior to others, as evidenced when Reddit users were recently asked to come up with their best instant ramen hacks.

instant ramen hacks

Some of these upgrades were tame at best, like the simple addition of Sriracha or soy sauce. However, some people got really creative with their noods over the years, and were willing to divulge the tricks of the instant ramen trade. Below are some of these truly epic hacks that we’ll definitely be trying the next time we’re noshing on noodles.

1. Get Your Yolk On

2. “Jailhouse Jambalaya”

3. Instant Ramen Burritos

4. Ramen and Sour Cream?

5. Spicy Ramen Chips

6. This Guy’s “Faux Pho”

7. Peanut Butter and More

8. Spicy Tuna Ramen

9. Ramen “Salad”

10. American Cheese, a la Roy Choi

11. Tuna, Kimchi, Egg, and Cheese

12. Tomato Soup Ramen

13. Epic Ramen Leftovers

14. Ramen Omelettes

15. The Biggest Thing You Can Add To Ramen

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People Confess Their ‘Fattest’ Experiences, And We Can All Relate

I’m pretty sure we’ve all had a night where we just left the gym, hungry as hell. In our weakness, we decided to feed that hunger with a couple McDoubles, a couple Doritos Locos Tacos, and a Jumbo Jack, shamelessly eating it all in the darkness of your car. That’s not just me, right?

OK, that’s just me, but I’m not alone in having a fat moment or two, as users took to Reddit, confessing their lowest moments of food gluttony.

The question was simple, “What’s the ‘fattest’ thing you’ve ever done?” and the answers came pouring in one of the saddest, yet relatable Reddit threads ever:

In the Name of Free Delivery



This Happens If You Eat Too Much Lobster




Rolling 40 Deep



Ice Cream Strategy


At Least Once A Month


No Such Thing As Too Much Ice Cream



Never Waste Brownies



How Did He Not Die?


The Breakfast Trifecta


No, I’m Not Having A Party


Prom Challenge


Quite A Childhood Snack





Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss Now Trending

The Alleged Secret Way McDonald’s Shorts You On French Fries

We live in the age of full-disclosure, where any shady practices can be revealed anonymously for the world to see, or read online. With that in mind, some McDonald’s employees took to Reddit to reveal a shady practice of their own.

If you’ve ever thought your box of McDonald’s fries felt a little light, there’s a slight chance it was done on purpose, as apparently there’s a “pinch” trick employees use to make your fry carton seem more full than it is.

In a Reddit discussion about things your job wants you to hide from customers, user ExperiMENTALbunny said:

“I worked at McDonald’s and they taught me how to pinch the fry carton just right while putting the fries into them so that it looked full, but actually wasn’t.

“I only had 1 customer call me out on it. He shook the fries out into his bag and poured them back into the fry carton himself and it only filled up half way, so I had to give him more fries. I was impressed and embarrassed. It’s been 7 years and I can still see his face.”

Then right after that comment, another user chimed in, saying they too were asked to use the trick, but the user refused to do it.

“I fucking hated that practice and basically refused to do it. Never got fired, but managed to have a few customers ask me when my shifts were the next week so they could have me filling their fries.”

A Twitter user then chimed in with his own experience, saying:

A buddy of mine who worked at McDonald’s anonymously said he doesn’t understand how the pinching method would work, as it would be immediately visible that the box isn’t full.

“It doesn’t take long to make fries,” he said. “It just sounds like a waste of time… and the customer would notice.”

Of course, it’s Reddit, so you always have to take things like this with a grain of salt, but if you ever feel shorted at McDonald’s golden fries, this might be the reason.

Hit-Or-Miss Now Trending Packaged Food Products Sweets

This Detail On The Sour Patch Kids Box Went Unnoticed For YEARS

It’s no secret that candy manufacturers will go to great lengths to include bright colors, and cleverly animated designs to make packaging more enticing to consumers. However, in some cases, food packaging will contain designs that might be hard to spot at first glance.

You can imagine the overwhelming surprise, when Reddit user, Toms42, posted an image to the r/MildlyInteresting subreddit, that revealed a mind-blowing detail on the Sour Patch Kids packaging that many had never noticed before.

Apparently, the design, “of orange splotches” which runs along the edges of a Sour Patch Kids bag, is actually the outline of hundreds of Sour Patch Kids, yet the tiny design usually design is hardly ever noticed.

Reddit users exploded with astonishment, causing the post to climb the viral ranks. In just one day, the post hit 18,000 upvotes. Several users expressed utter confusion, while some struggled to cope with the reality of the situation.

For example, Sour Patch Kids happen to be user mistmurk’s favorite candy, but he’d never noticed the design on the packaging.

Whatever the case may be, that’s a pretty sweet discovery.


‘Counting Donuts’ Is The Latest Food Math Meme That’s Taking Over Reddit

There seems to be an insatiable appetite for math memes lately, with several involving symbols of fast food items that require the ability to execute basic algebra. I’m sure we all felt like geniuses after solving the McDonald’s food math meme a few months ago, and they just keep going.

Now, ‘Counting Donuts’ is the newest food math meme causing a stir — partly because it didn’t make any sense.

The meme, which garnered more than 12,000 upvotes in just one day, was posted by Reddit user Sunbolts to the r/Tumblr subreddit. The post depicts an image of a Tumblr thread, featuring an image of a young woman’s face next to a stack of donuts. Underneath the image is a short cryptic conversation about the purchase of “doughnuts.”

Initially, Tumblr user dingoinnuendo commented:

“I bought 46 doughnuts at the store today”

User antareklause (incorrectly) responded:

“If each pack has 12 doughnuts, wouldn’t it be 48 doughnuts??”

Then things got weird when dingoinnuendo clapped back:

“I have 3 packs of 12 and 1 pack of 10 because they were all out of 12’s i know how to count my doughnuts son.”

While the sum of 46 is correct. For some reason, this thread is gaining some serious traction, but it’s a bit hazy why a pointless meme about counting donuts is climbing the viral ranks.

Comment from discussion Counting donuts.

It’s now peppered with more than dozens of comments, debating whether or not the arithmetic behind this donut equation is actually true.

Comment from discussion Counting donuts.

Comment from discussion Counting donuts.

However, some people thought there might be more to the story. Were two donuts consumed prior to counting? The world may never know.

Comment from discussion Counting donuts.

Eventually, people stopped caring about the cryptic mathematics and started discussing their favorite type of donuts and other random donut preferences.

Comment from discussion Counting donuts.

Regardless of the mystery behind the equation, at least this post gave donut lovers everywhere the ability to express their love for the world’s best pastry.

Comment from discussion Counting donuts.

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This Is Exactly Why Beef Jerky Is So Freakin’ Expensive

Photo courtesy of Big John’s Beef Jerky Facebook page

Hardcore beef jerky fans know the struggle of wanting to eat it 24/7, but being held back by one major factor: price.

Sure, $5 here, $7 dollars there, might not seem like a big deal, but if you’re like me, you can down that bag of jerky within an hour and still want more. Then you look down at the the bottom of the bag and see that it’s about 3 ounces of jerky or less, and think, “Why are 3 ounces worth of food so expensive?”

The main reason jerky is so expensive is because it takes a lot more meat to make it than the 2.7 ounces we see.

Pennsylvania-based Big John’s Beef Jerky explained this on its site, as it is a commonly asked question:

The main reason is that all jerky is costly to make. Beef is about 60% water, so when it is dried most of the weight is evaporated. It takes about 2.5 Lbs of quality beef to make 1 Lb of jerky. Secondly, many jerky companies use expensive chemicals and preservatives when making their jerky, and they have a lot of waste just based on how they make it. We use minimal preservatives, especially in our Original and Fiery Hot flavors, and have a unique process that is much more efficient and reduces waste considerably. This saves you money. Finally, ordering directly from us “cuts out the middleman” and allows us to pass the savings directly to you.

So every pound of beef jerky produced, was originally about 2.5 pounds worth of beef.

The owner of Arizona-based Lawless Jerky touched on the subject in a 2014 Reddit thread, confirming Big John’s explanation, and adding that cost of labor, cost of beef, packaging, shipping, and even insurance for a production facility all come into play with that relatively high price tag on the shelf.

As owner of an all-natural, grass-fed jerky company, I can give you tons of reasons it’s so expensive… here’s a few:
1) Requires lots of labor 2) Often deals with lean beef, which is more expensive than pork, chicken, or even beef fat. 3) packaging can be quite expensive. And labels. 4) Insurance and rent at a USDA approved facility.
5) Time: it takes a couple days from start and finish of even a small-batch run. 6) Shrink: Since the beef is mostly water and since you’re dehydrating you lose 40-60% of the weight of the meat, further driving up the price. 7) Quality ingredients. For example we import crazy spices from all over the world and use top-quality all natural ingredients.
8) Shipping – getting all the ingredients to your facility and then shipping the jerky around the country is not cheap.

In that same thread, a Reddit user got a little more specific with the type of meat used for beef jerky, saying that jerky is usually made with rump roast, which can often go for about $5.99 a pound.

Photo courtesy of Lawless Jerky Facebook Page

“You buy a bag of jerky that’s around 7 bucks because it was once 7 bucks worth of meat and spices,” Reddit user cdb3492 said.

In the end, you’re basically getting what you pay for. The jerky process isn’t easy, and it’s usually with good quality meats.  You can taste that you’re eating something of good quality, too, or else we wouldn’t fork over those $7 so willingly.

You win, beef jerky. I’ll pay your outrageous fee.

Alcohol Beer Humor Now Trending

Someone Threw A Beer Bottle Into A Wall And It Didn’t Break

Someone Somehow Managed to throw a Budweiser Bottle Inside the Wall of my University Campus Without Smashing it. from mildlyinteresting

It’s not everyday you see a full bottle of beer stuck into a wall.

Reddit user OxygenPremium definitely thought so when he encountered one stuck in the wall of one of his buildings on campus at Surrey University. He uploaded the photo to Reddit, where it took off as the internet was just as surprised as OxygenPremium as to how this came to be.

Of course, everyone had their ideas of how the bottle got up there in the first place and how it didn’t break upon impact with the wall.

One person even suggested a conspiracy theory that Budweiser was behind the whole thing, since the post title described the bottle as a “Budweiser Bottle.”

Others just found the whole ordeal hilarious and contributed some pretty funny jokes to describe what happened.

In the end, though, some building pros came in to the comments and made it pretty clear how this was all possible.

Well, now that the case of the curious beer bottle is resolved, the only question that’s left is how long the bottle will stay up there. Guess time will eventually tell on that part of this interesting and humorous tale.