8 Awesome Food Habits Tracy Morgan Just Revealed to the World


Tracy Morgan stopped by Reddit today for a little heart to heart. The occasion? His new spot on Comedy Central, Bona Fide, and his new stand up tour Turn It Funny. But enough about that, you came here to read about his undying love for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and how good women make lasagna with six different cheeses.

Also, creamy peanut butter > chunky peanut butter. Because Tracy Morgan said so.


If Tracy Morgan had to pick between a waffle or a pizza, he’d pick a waffle pizza. He must read Foodbeast.


His favorite food to eat is the Big Mac.



Tracy agrees that good women make lasagna with six different cheeses



He wants us to know that poor Uncle Jemima’s syrup never made it on shelves… but damn was it “buttery.”


 His favorite pop-tart flavor is #chocolatechocolatechocolate



Tracy Morgan will not tell you where to get his favorite pizza.




Tracy Morgan agrees with Foodbeast that creamy peanut butter will — and will always be — better than chunky.



He’s eating filet mignon with spinach for dinner tonight. Because he’s Tracy fucking Morgan.