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A Whole Festival Dedicated To Pinot Wine Finally Comes to the US

Festival culture has become a way of life for many. Whether its music festivals like Coachella and Governor’s Ball or food fests like Smorgasburg and the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Barbecue Invitational, there’s truly something for everyone… including red wine fans! Enter Pinot Palooza.

Just in time for California’s Crush (when wineries get their grapes crushed and their juice into tanks as quickly as possible), many of the world’s wine producers will come to showcase their pinot noirs on September 28th as the festival makes its U.S. debut at Downtown Los Angeles’ City Market Social House.

Not your typical wine tasting, festival goers will be able to taste over 100 wines from different regions, including Sonoma, Oregon, Australia, and New Zealand. For those who either don’t do wine, Pinot Palooza will also feature spirits, craft beer, and curated bites from some of the city’s chefs and restaurants.

Launched in 2012 in Australia, Pinot Palooza is the brainchild of REVEL. “Bringing Pinot Palooza to the U.S. has been on our wish list since the very beginning,” says Dan Sims, REVEL Founder/Creator. “To finally be in L.A. for the first time, and to welcome Angelenos to our big, noisy, pinot party is a dream come true.

“Our vision for the L.A. event is to showcase pinot noir from top U.S. producers alongside those made by our good mates in Australia and New Zealand, and to present all that to an American audience in way that celebrates what’s so special about the grape,” adds Sims. “The atmosphere we create helps to make wine more accessible, and it allows people to find what they like and get excited about the world of pinot.”

This year, the festival will tour six countries and thirteen cities across the globe and is gearing up to add New York and Shanghai to the tour in 2020.

Tickets for Pinot Palooza LA are on sale now through the event’s website. Ticket price includes unlimited tastings and a Pinot Palooza-branded red wine glass to take home.

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This Wine 101 Series of Charts Will Have You Looking Like An Expert [INFOGRAPHIC]

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner or you may have gotten a great bottle as a gift recently. Either way, it’s probably time to hone up on your wine skills. Thankfully, the good folks at Ship It Appliances have got you covered. These handy infographics will outline which food matches with which wine, which glass to use, and will even state why you should have your reds in a fridge.

Choosing the right wine is easier if you’re pairing it with food. Very dry white wines match well with fish and white meat as do rose wines. Sweet white wines and dessert wines match with many cheeses and dessert. A light red wine should be matched with cheese or white meat, while full-bodied reds should generally be paired with red meats.

As for glasses, most people aren’t that picky, but you want to serve wine properly. Reds should be served in a glass with a large bowl so the aromas can be released, while whites, a glass with a smaller bowl, to trap the aromas.

So, how should you hold a wine glass? You don’t want your white to get too warm or vice versa. The best way to hold a wine glass is by the stem. If you hold it by the bowl, your hand will warm the wine.

Wine, like good whiskey, shouldn’t be filled to the brim. White wines should be poured halfway, a glass of sparkling wine should be three quarters full, and a glass of red wine, just a third full.

As a general rule, white wines are served chilled and red wines at room temperature. For sweet and sparkling wines, you should be served much cooler than full-bodied whites. The idea that red wines should be served at room temperature came about before central heating, so that the average home was likely much cooler then than it is today. If you want to ensure your wines are always served at the ideal temperature, it’s well worth investing in a wine cooler.

Finally, both red and white wines vary in sweetness, from the bone dry to the super sweet. Here’s a chart to determine the sweetness of wine.

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Boxxle Gives Boxed Wine a Classy Makeover

If you’ve ever made fun of boxed wine — while you’re not alone — shame on you! Did you know that boxed wine stays fresh up to six weeks? Or that its more environmentally conscious than bottled wine? Or you will never have to fear cork taint (yes, its a thing)? Well, now with Boxxle, a premium bag-in-box wine dispenser, you can drink your boxed wine with pride.

Boxxle recently released its 3-liter premium wine dispenser in two new colors: white (blanc) and red (rouge) with stainless steel accents. The new colors join the original black in its three-color lineup. Boxxle gives wine lovers a new way to dispense and enjoy boxed wine — elevating it above the rim of the glass for easy pouring. The dispenser, which compresses the bag and keeps air out, is designed to rest on a countertop, bar or table.

And Boxxle, which retails for $99, isn’t just for bottled wine. For those who are still into bottled wine, it also ships with three 3-liter wine preserve bags, which store up to four bottles of wine per bag. It also works great for iced tea, mixed drinks, cocktails and chilled shots, like tequila, Fireball and Jägermeister.

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Minibar Delivery Gets Into The Wine Biz, Connects Customers To Vineyards

If you need a great bottle of wine for that romantic dinner or a client and want to go beyond the usual rosé, Minibar Delivery may have just the bottle for you.

The on-demand alcohol delivery service recently announced that it is launching Vineyard Select, a nationwide direct-to-consumer wine shipping service that connects customers with independent vineyards, not typically sold in stores, for wine deliveries to their home or office.

To order, wine lovers would need to download the Minibar Delivery app or visit the website and enter the delivery address. They can then browse the wine section to shop from curated vineyards, as well as explore each vineyard and its products. The Vineyard Select launch partners include Penrose Hill, Uproot Wines, and The Blending Lab to offer a variety of wines that fit every price point, with minimum orders that start at $45.

“Direct to consumer wine shipment is a natural expansion for Minibar Delivery,” said Lara Crystal, co-CEO and co-Founder of Minibar Delivery via a statement. “Our customers are wine lovers – wine is the top selling category on our platform. There are so many incredible winemakers out there that aren’t available in traditional liquor stores. With Vineyard Select, we can open up a whole new world of wine to our customers and connect vineyards with a new, enthusiastic customer base.”

Vineyard Select also benefits vineyard partners as they leverage the platform to reach a new marketplace and educate customers on their wine varietals.

The launch of the Vineyard Select program marks a key growth milestone for Minibar Delivery, following its recent influx of $5M in investment capital. In addition to its service of on-demand alcohol delivery in 37 markets across the country, Minibar Delivery makes it easy to send a gift across the country, book a professionally-trained bartender on demand, and access a dedicated concierge service to answer all spirits-related questions.

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Red Robin Debuts Red Wine Milkshake to Bring All the Adult Boys To the Yard

wine milkshake

In a world where Vanilla and Chocolate rule the milkshake game, Red Robin decided to mix things up with an adult milkshake.

Their new Divalicious Red Wine Shake is made with Little Black Dress’ Divalicious red wine, Pinnacle whipped vodka, a raspberry purée and creamy vanilla soft serve. Each shake comes with a free wine charm to keep your drink looking extra fancy.

Obviously you have to be at least 21 years old to indulge in one of these, but if you’re not trying to turn up on a milkshake, Red Robin has also brought back its Gingerbread Milkshake until January 4.

Who knows if this shake will bring all the boys to the yard, but Red Robin is still like, “Damn right, it’s better than yours.”


How to Pronounce 22 Tricky Wine Names


If you walk into BevMo and have trouble pronouncing 90 percent of the wine in there, you’re definitely not alone.

Even if you listen to an insane amount of Rick Ross and Drake, and feel like a champ for being able to pronounce wine like “Rosé,” let’s see how strong you feel trying to pronounce “Gewürztraminer” or “Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.”

The wine game is serious as there are French, Italian and even German pronunciations that can get you stuck in the liquor aisle for a good 20 minutes. Get down these names and you will no longer feel sheepish while staring at a bottle of “Sangiovese.” Or you can just get crazy drunk and totally mispronounce them anyway.

Either way, here’s the guide to pronouncing 22 types of wine:

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Boozy Wine-Infused Sriracha is the Classy Way to Warm Your Heart, Burn Your Stomach


After a long day at work, there’s nothing quite so relaxing as kicking back with a glass of wine. But if you’re looking for something just a bit more exciting, perhaps wine-infused sriracha sauce is more your speed.

Think of it as a reverse Bloody Mary, kind of. Sonoma, Calif.-based Ravenswood Winery has partnered with Brooklyn’s Jojo’s Sriracha to create a new line of Zinfandel and Petite Sirah-infused chili sauces. Because regular cock sauce is just soooo déclassé

Described as “fruity” and “bold,” each flavor is individually available in 6.4 ounce jars for $14, or with matching bottle for $22. Our suggestion? Go ahead and toss in a sriracha chocolate bar too. You’re an adult, after all. Enjoy as much hot sauce and chocolate and refreshments as you please.

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Wine in a Paint Can is the New Boxed Wine


The dreaded purple teeth and purple lips go hand-in-hand with red wine consumption. And while you tell yourself it’s like cheap lipstick, there are times when you’ve considered becoming a full-fledged white wine drinker.

Every year ad agency McCann Vilnius in Lithuania creates a limited edition wine packaging for the new batch of red wines released from Beaujolais Nouveau in November. Last year, McCann decided to flip this dread on its head by creating an innovative packaging that lets you dispense wine from a paint bucket, labeled with instructions on how many glasses of wine would turn your teeth and lips into a lovely ‘desired’ (not feared) shade of purple. Basically, McCann is making purple teeth and lips the pink. Or something like that.

The idea was inspired by the realization that wine not only makes people merry-drunk but also stains people’s teeth and lips purple. The paint bucket packaging even comes with a typical paint label complete with a color chart depicting different hues of purple you can achieve. Check it out yo.


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