Dubai Pizzeria Launches a Fridge Magnet For One Tap Pizza Ordering

Major pizza brands have been putting in some serious effort to couple technology, Internet, and the pizza-making process to make pizza appear at your doorstep with the utmost of ease. Dominos pizza has “Pizza Hero” app that makes ordering “fun,” but #firstworldproblems immediately come into play because it takes more than one button push/swipe to get your pizza from initial hunger craving to delivery.

Leave it to a pizzeria in Dubai to unveil a refrigerator magnet that actually orders a pizza with a single button push. It’s called the VIP Fridge Magnet, a pizza box-shaped magnet that is connected to Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai. Utilizing your previous pizza ordering preferences and presets, the magnet uses a Bluetooth connection to put an order in for your pizza through the Internet, sends a confirmation text and delivers your pizza shortly after the initial button press.

Your pizza selection can be updated online at any time. Is this the future of pizza ordering, or a bit too simple for your taste? For you pizza eaters outside of Dubai, would you like to see this technology adapted to your country of residence?

Here’s a promo video for the new product: