Art to Feed Your Brain

Sara Asnaghi is an up and coming sculptor from Milan, Italy. Her work ranges in themes and mediums, however she is identified best by her utilization of various types of food or organic materials such as coffee, sugar, barley, grass, and lentils in her pieces.

Her work entitled “What Have You Got in Your Head?” presents a series of human brains made out of everyday organic materials. Each brain is casted in a mold that allows them to be exactly the same size and shape, however the component of each brain is made out of unique materials that mirror the construction and growth of our very own brains. That sandwich brain looks good — what do you wish your brain was made of? 

Red Pepper Flakes:


from left to right (above): grass, orzo, red pepper flakes, food for canaries, breadcrumbs, black rice, sugar, sprinkles, and hemp seeds


Charred Corn and Cumin Guacamole

Adding different elements to your guacamole is quickly becoming the look if your eat-game is starting to flatline. Our friend Gaby took to her grill recently and charred up some sweet corn for some added texture to her guacamole dip. A little lemon juice, red pepper flakes, ground cumin, salt and pepper make up this amazing looking dish. Ready for summer yet? We are! (Recipe @ WhatGabysCooking)