[ADVENTURE] Red Mill Burgers – Seattle, WA

Red Mill Burgers Sign

I had the chance to see what the Pacific Northwest had to offer, and I did not refuse! When I asked for the best Seattle had to offer, FOODBEAST friend and Seattle-Native Koichi immediately took us to Red Mill Burgers for a lunch that brought us a comatose sleep soon after.

We ended up eating lunner around 2-3 PM, and there was STILL a line out the door. And with only two locations opened in 1994 and 1998, the line definitely displayed the staying power of the concise franchise. I had the opportunity to order the biggest burger on the menu: The Double Bacon Deluxe w/ Cheese. And while the title of the burger doesn’t immediately stun, the burger did.

Red Mill Burger Ketchup

The crew ended up ordering more delicious burgers, hand battered onion rings and a great shake to dip the fries. Check out all the pictures in the gallery!

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