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Red Mango to Offer New Froyo Flavor and Honey Badger Don’t Care

The fast-growing Los Angeles based frozen yogurt chain, Red Mango, is offering its customers a special new flavor- Honey Badger. Don’t worry though, it’s not channeling the actual taste of a honey badger (what exactly would that be, I wonder?), but rather influenced by the name.

Red Mango is taking advantage of the ever-popular “viral video”, and has decided to promote a unique flavor based off of the 2011 hit YouTube sensation “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger”. If you’re unfamiliar with the video, it’s basically one man’s (Randall) take on a National Geographic-esque wildlife documentary following the life of the aforementioned badger. The flamboyant, hysterical narration really makes the video a success, which eventually launched Randall, and his badger, into a guest-spot with Wonderful Pistachios.

The new menu item is only being promoted through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram- so you won’t see much in the way of in-store signage. At this point, you’re probably just wondering what “Honey Badger” frozen yogurt even tastes like. It’s not as crazy as it sounds- it’s non-fat frozen yogurt laced with all natural honey. So take a walk on the wild side and check it out at a Red Mango near you.

Want to see Randall and his bad-ass honey badger in action? Check out the video in case you missed it:

[Via Nation’s Restaurant News]


Red Mango Launches Three New Froyo Flavors: Cake Batter, Peanut Butter, and Sugarcane Cola

If there’s any flavor that can make you feel as warm inside as bacon does, it’s cake batter. Frozen yogurt giant Red Mango hopes everyone shares that same cake-loving sentiment in their latest release, with the release of an Old Fashioned Cake Batter frozen yogurt flavor.

In case you don’t swoon at the thought of being able to drown your taste buds in cake batter at the cost of 0-grams of fat, Red Mango also plans to launch Sugarcane Cola and Peanut Butter flavors in the coming weeks as well.

Old Fashioned Cake Batter, along with the three new flavors coming to local Red Mango stores, all boast the same all-natural, non-fat and gluten-free properties of the brand’s other products.

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Red Mango Launches a Cinnamon Apple Orchard Frozen Yogurt

Debuting at Red Mango locations nationwide today, the Cinnamon Apple Orchard flavor trickles down from a childhood memory by company founder and chief concept officer Dan Kim. The new flavor features the flavor of “freshly baked apples and a touch of spice.”

The new flavor sits at 100 calories for a 1/2 cup, nonfat, all-natural and rich in probiotics with GanedenBC30 (don’t worry, we don’t know what that is). Cinnamon Apple Orchard will be available as a limited-time-offer at locations nationwide.



Red Mango’s Limited Time Pumpkin Spice Frozen Yogurt Flavor

Available for a limited time during the autumn season, Red Mango USA is offering up their Pumpkin Spice flavor. The seasonal addition is defined by a pumpkin and cinnamon spice flavor profile, 100% all-natural, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, 80 calories per 1/2 cup serving, nonfat, gluten-free and no cholesterol. It’s also kosher, is certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council.


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Red Mango FroYo to be Served at Mizzou Athletics Training Complex

Earlier this year, Red Mango celebrated the grand opening of its 100th U.S. location in Columbia, Mo. Along with the brand’s continual expansion, they’ve found some rather interesting partnerships that were once only acknowledged by top-tier drink brands — serving in student-athlete dining halls. The latest installation? The Sells Family Dining Hall at the Mizzou Athletics Training Complex at the University of Missouri.

This marks the second agreement of this kind for Red Mango and an NCAA Division 1-A athletic program, providing signature smoothies to student athletes, capitalizing on the idea that athletes and frozen yogurt/smoothies are a natural fit.

The University of Missouri Athletic Department has 20 sports and competes in the Big 12 conference. Dan Kim, the company’s founder and chief concept officer explains, “Because of their intense, competitive lifestyle, they [student-athletes] can enjoy the health benefits our yogurt provides in a refreshing format.”

College students, do you want Red Mango in your dining halls? Or can you live with your current frozen yogurt options on or around your campus?




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Zagat’s 2011 Fast Food Survey

Zagat has released their Fast Food Survey for 2011 with the help of 6,000 fast food fans. The survey includes a huge list of the “top 5 best…” aspects of the fast fast food world. Here is a condensed version of the #1’s for our readers.

Best Burger – Five Guys

Best Grilled Chicken – Chick-fil-A

Best Fried Chicken – KFC

Best Coffee – Starbucks

Best Ice Cream/ Custard – Ben & Jerry’s

Top Smoothies/ Frozen Yogurt – Red Mango

Best Milkshake – Dairy Queen

Best Fish – Long Jon Silver’s

Best Salads – Panera Bread

And racking up the points is McDonalds, who is the winner in these multiple categories: Best French Fries, Best Breakfast Sandwiches, Best Drive-Thru, Most Child-Friendly, Best Value, AND Best Value Menu!


Visit if you would like to see the whole entire survey that includes a summary and a ranking for full serviced chains as well.

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Red Mango Introduces…a Mango Flavor

After four years in business, Red Mango, one of the fastest growing frozen yogurt retailers has just revealed a Mango flavor to their menu. The new frozen yogurt flavor comes in response to apparently hundreds of thousands of requests from fans via both Facebook and Twitter in hopes of a Mango flavor.

The new flavor, from the mind of founder and chief concept officer Dan Kim, combines the ripe and juicy Mango flavor into a 30 calorie per ounce serving froyo. The Mango flavor is gluten free, kosher and fortified with natural probiotics.

Come August 13th, participating Red Mango locations will be releasing the new Mango flavored yogurt. The first 100 customers at each participating location to order the new Mango flavor will also receive a free limited edition mango flavored lip balm developed exclusively for the Red Mango brand, by Buddha Balm.



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Red Mango Reveals Spoonable Smoothies

Starting today, Red Mango, one of the fastest growing retailers of yogurt and smoothies, have announced the launch of their new Spoonable Smoothies. While the brand has been predominantly known for its frozen yogurt prowess since its inception in 2007, this new product launch marks the chain’s initial steps to become a complete destination for both frozen yogurt and smoothies.

The new Spoonable Smoothies will be offered in three flavors: Spoonable Strawberry Banana, Spoonable Mango Banana and Spoonable Mango Pineapple.

In addition to the Spoonable varieties, also being introduced are Red Mango’s Mealworthy Smoothies smoothies highlighted by “revitalizing function-focused blends” made with ingredients including all-natural creamy peanut butter, organic pumkin flax seed granola. The Mealworthy line comes in four different varieties: Strawberry Banana Protein, Banana Peanut Butter Protein, Orange Pineapple Energizer and Orange Mango Protein.

As a promotion to get people in the door and try out these new Spoonable and Mealworthy Smoothies, participating Red Mango stores nationwide will offer the new products at a $2 price tag. The promotion will run from June 15 – 18, with the first 1,000 customers who order either of the smoothie varieties, at participating stores, will receive a free limited edition Red Mango “love” decal sticker.