Red Hot Chilli Jellies

One might just catch sight of one of these gummy morsels and see some sweet chewy strawberries ripe for the picking. That same individual might just then proceed to thoughtlessly munch down these jellies by the handful.

After a few moments of firey agony, our friend will have realized that these candies pack some sizable punch. Each one of these gummy chili peppers is spiced enough for that heat that chili lovers love. They also serve as the perfect disguise to punish any potential candy pilferers.

($11 @ Fire Box)

Hit-Or-Miss News

Vote Yes on Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog for Official LA Hot Dog!

Most major cities across our nation are known for some sort of food. When it comes to hot dogs, there is a multitude. Chicago has the Red Hot, Baltimore has the Half Smoke and New York City has the Dirty Water Dog. But what does Los Angeles have? That’s right, they don’t! And with the help of Farmer John we are all going to try and change that and make Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog’s the official hot dog of LA! For every vote, a pound of food is donated to local food banks. So help make a change, and make history by voting. Check out the official site here!