Fast Food

Pizza Hut Crushes Online Sales Record by Super Bowl Halftime Despite Lack of Ads


To say it was a good weekend for Pizza Hut would be an understatement. The international pizza chain hit a record high with their digital sales Sunday during the big game. According to a spokesperson for Pizza Hut, the company sold over $10 million in pizza online by halftime.

An impressive feat for a brand that had no advertisements during the game, nor any sponsorship of it.

The Yum Brands-owned company could easily have hit record lows, as this was the first Super Bowl featuring Pizza Hut’s rebooted menu and website. We’re assuming folks were responding well to the new array of ingredients and customizations the pizza chain had to offer.

After all, nothing says football like a curry-flavored crust.


Tegan and Quinoa: Whole Foods Now Selling Vinyl Records In Store


Why do hipsters do anything? Why do they buy record players when they already have iPhones? Why do they wear t-shirts for books they’ve never read and bands they’ve never even heard of? We could keep asking forever, but we’re also willing to bet if we had that much excess disposable income, we’d probably be just as nauseatingly #cultured too.

Following the footsteps as such other hipster bait retailers as Urban Outfitters and Starbucks, Whole Foods has just rolled out record stores inside five Southern California locations out of the chain’s 340.

“This launch isn’t just about stocking our shelves with something new and different,” Mike Bowen, Whole Foods’ executive coordinator, said in a press release. “— it’s about listening to our shoppers and giving them access to the things they want — whether it’s their favorite cheese or their favorite way to enjoy music.”

According to TIME, the artists available include Frank Sinatra, Daft Punk, the Rolling Stones, Bob Marley and Tegan and Sara, among others – more than half of which, yes, sue us, we ourselves happen to like listening to from time to time. But then again, we work in news, so we’ll just be over here snacking on Taco Bell and listening to KROQ.