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Panera Bread Plans To Tape Kitchen Employees While They Work


Apparently Panera Bread wants to be Big Brother now. In an effort to improve accuracy and customer service at the quick-service chain, Panera Bread has plans to set up cameras in its kitchens and record its employees putting together meals.

The videos will be monitored by managers and executives to see if meals are being properly prepared by Panera Bread standards. Seems like an appropriate solution to dispel any concern in the kitchen.

Panera Bread CEO Ron Shaich recently told Business Insider that he hopes the recordings will help improve the restaurants’ slow-service issue.

Currently, the program is only planned to take effect for a set period of time. However, if results are more than satisfactory, expect all your Panera Bread meals to be broadcast for all to see.


You Will Not Believe this Fast Food Employee’s Voice is Not a Recording


I’ve been through the drive-thru many times in my life and there are days I still can’t tell if I’m talking to the actual person for a machine. The first few seconds when you pull up to that order box can be the most awkward, especially when you mistakenly talk to the machine and the actual cashier starts speaking afterwards. It’s definitely happened to me more times than I’d care to admit.

Check out this McDonald’s employee completely take the idea to a whole new level with a voice that sounds just like the drive-thru machine. I’m sure he’s confused a ton of customers throughout his career. This guy definitely has a bright future ahead of him in voice acting.

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