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8 Ridiculous Taco Bell Records You Can Beat RIGHT NOW

Records are meant to be broken, and it turns out people attempt several different Taco Bell world records, from eating Soft Shell Tacos really fast, to funneling a bunch of hot sauce down your throat.

Sure these aren’t Guinness World Records, but you don’t need to be in their bougie book to be a badass, because over the years, there have been thousands of people who jump on Record Setter, the Wikipedia of world records, to be recognized for their strange achievements. According to the site’s rules, they just post videos to document the record, and have it reviewed by a Record Setter council.

Taco Bell has a pretty extensive menu, giving you an opportunity to break, or set a lot of records.

You can break one of the pre-existing records, some of which date back to 2006, and get your name in the annals of Taco Bell history.

Check them out, grab a camera, and try one of these for yourself. Good luck!


Most Taco Bell Breakfast Menu Items Reviewed In One Eating Video

This one sounds easy, just review everything on the menu. They even have new menu items, so you’ve got a good shot. FreakEating actually eats all of the menu items in one sitting, though. This record has stood since March 2014.


Most Consecutive Taco Bell Fire Sauce Packets Eaten

Can you take the heat? Donnie Schwerdtfeger ate 151 straight packets of Taco Bell Fire sauce. One of the oldest records on this list, this one has stood since September 2007.


Fastest Time To Eat 128 Taco Bell Cinnabon Delights

This one sounds fun, until the dough starts filling you up and you want to die. Jamie McDonald ate 128 Cinnabon Delights in exactly ten minutes. Come on, you can beat that. This record’s fairly new, standing since February 2014.


Fastest Time To Eat Three “Taco Bell” Soft Shell Tacos

The original record for this was 55.78 seconds, and was demolished by James Brewso on September 2015. Brewso downed three soft shell tacos in an amazing 27.71 seconds.

It’s been beaten before. Be the next.


Tallest Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet Tower

Young Hank Hopkins set this record at the start 2017. He stacked up 20 Taco Bell hot sauce packets, and I’m absolutely sure this one is beatable. In fact, this should be the first one you try to take down. Go. Do it. Now.


Fastest Time To Eat A Taco Bell Beefy Gordita Meal Deal Combo While Wearing A Baseball Cap

This one’s a bit specific as it requires you to wear a baseball cap. It’s still fairly hard, with or without a a cap, as Naader Reda ate a Beefy Gordita Crunch, a small bag of Doritos, and a large drink in 59 seconds. This record has stood since February 2014.


Although Drew Van Allen consumed significantly less hot sauce packets than the guy who ate 150, these were all funneled down at once. Van Allen poured all the hot sauce in a beer bong-like funnel, and just chugged away. This one’s kind of scary, so it’s no surprise that it has stood since October 2009.


Most Fire Sauces On A Taco Bell Burrito

The oldest record on the list goes back to July 2006, when kids were getting crunk to Lil Jon. This record is so old, the video doesn’t even exist anymore, unfortunately. That shouldn’t stop you from breaking it, though. All you have to do is drown your taco in 100 sauce packets and begrudgingly eat it.

You can beat a 10 year old record. I believe in you.

FOODBEAST Hit-Or-Miss Sweets

Watch This Freak Eater Try To Crush A Box Of Donut Holes In 3 Minutes

Competitve eating-badass, Nader “Freak Eating” Reda, is not one to shy away from chasing records, holding the In-N-Out burger record that he crushed right here at the Foodbeast offices recently and even the team ice cream sandwich record. Dude is always trying to top himself, somehow keeping his stomach intact.

This time he shot for the donut hole eating record, which admittedly didn’t exist, which he is now the king of, crushing 27 of Pinkbox’s donuts holes in 3 minutes.

Watching this guy eat will not only give you heart palpitations, but will make you fear that his jaw will unhinge at some point as the doughy little balls kept being shoved in his mouth with no mercy.

How he did it without milk is beyond me, but he took it like a champ and added another record to his illustrious wall of accolades.