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Wendy’s Employee Drove This Kid To Tears After Calling Him A ‘Lil Ugly Dude’ On The Receipt


Restaurant workers need to stop writing notes on receipts, or at the very least stop writing dumb shit on them.

Case in point, the story of  Teeneshia Bush of  Mobile, Alabama and her son. Teeneshia jumped on Facebook and posted a photo of a Wendy’s employee clowning on her 15-year-old son through a receipt message.

At the bottom of the receipt you can see a note that looks like it was meant to be kept between coworkers, and read, “Lil Ugly Dude,” as a means to describe the young customer.

That section of the receipt is usually reserved for the customer’s name, so it can be called out when the order is ready, but it seemed like the employee didn’t ask for a name, and resorted to a terrible alternative instead. Either that, or the worker was trying to get a co-worker in trouble, baiting them to call that name out loud.

Either way, the note was there, and when Quenterus Brown saw it, he was reduced to tears as the workers were allegedly laughing at him.

Teeneshia Bush said she didn’t go off on the workers, and instead handled it “the right way.” She didn’t say what that way was, but maybe she wrote a stern letter, or prayed for them.


Why Pizza Was The Key To Presidential Candidates’ Success In Iowa


Although you’d think there’s no way the amount of pizza purchased by candidates during an election could correlate to votes, the results of the Iowa caucus prove there just might be something there.

A genius at Gawker took the time to track how much money each presidential candidate spent on pizza, while campaigning around the nation, between April and September 2015. While observing those stats, we found some pretty eerie parallels to each candidate’s success.

With the results of the Iowa Caucus in, it’s interesting to compare each candidate’s pizza expenditures with the final results of the Iowa Caucus. What’s more interesting, there seems to be a bit of an indirect correlation between the amount of money spent on pizza and how well each candidate did with voters.

Here’s how the pizza spending breaks down:


picthx red alert politics

Hillary Clinton spent more than $9,000 on pizza, by far the most amount out of all 11 candidates. Clinton managed 49.9 percent of votes, as she pulled out a narrow victory against her competitor, Bernie Sanders.
But, despite spending about $3,000 less than Clinton, on pizza, Sanders still managed to accumulate 49.6 percent of the Iowan vote. It seems pizza didn’t matter to the Dems as much, and they were just, “#FeelingtheBern.”

Republicans And Pizza

On the Republican side, we see stark correlations. After comparing Donald Trump’s pizza expenditures to Ted Cruz’s; Cruz outspent Trump by nearly $1,300 on pizza.

Is it more than a coincidence, then, that Cruz emerged victorious with 27.6 percent of votes, compared to Trump’s 24.3?

Maybe Trump should have been a little more generous with his pizza spending.

The Iowa results show a clear outlier; Carly Fiorina.

Ms. Fiorina’s campaign expenditures accounted for less than $2.00, on pizza. Actually, zero. With that said, it is ironic, that she received only 1.9 percent of the Iowa vote. Should she have stopped somewhere for at least a slice? A decision sure to keep members of the Fiorina camp up at night.



To ensure there’s no bias against any candidate, here’s the list of candidates, with the total spent on pizza and the results of the Iowa Caucus, in alphabetical order. We’ve also included links to each candidate’s Federal Election Commission page to show the actual transactions.

Jeb Bush (R)
Jeb Bush campaign spent a total of $3,583.29 on pizza. Here’s a receipt for $950.00 from Pizza Ranch, filed with the Federal Election Commission.
Total percentage of votes in Iowa: 2.8

Ben Carson (R)
Ben Carson’s campaign spent a total of $3,707.33 on pizza, according to Gawker. We wanted to feature an actual receipt, but Mr. Carson’s Federal Election Commission page did not include pizza purchases in campaign expenditures.
Total percentage of votes in Iowa: 9.3

Chris Christie (R)
Chris Christie’s campaign spent a total of $1,527.24 on pizza. Here’s a $378 receipt for Grand Slam Pizza, filed with the Federal Election Commission.
Total percentage of votes in Iowa: 1.8

Hillary Clinton (D)
Hillary Clinton’s campaign spent a total of $9,046.38 on pizza. Here’s a $1,251.26 receipt from Need Pizzeria, filed with the FEC.
Total percentage of votes in Iowa: 49.9, winner

Ted Cruz (R) 
Ted Cruz’s campaign spent a total of $2,481.45 on pizza. Here’s a receipt Mr. Cruz’s campaign filed with the FEC for $179.34 at We The Pizza.
Total percentage of votes in Iowa: 27.6, winner

Carly Fiorina (R)
Carly Fiorina’s campaign spent a total of $0.00 on pizza.  Sadly, there’s no Pizza receipts from Carly. But here’s her Federal Election Commission page, where her campaign expenditures can be viewed.
Total percentage of votes in Iowa: 1.9

John Kasich (R)
John Katich’s campaign spent a total of $69.18 on pizza. Here’s his solitary pizza receipt from Donato’s Pizza, filed with the FEC.
Total percentage of votes in Iowa: 1.9

Rand Paul (R)
Rand Paul’s campaign spent a total of $2,185.48 on pizza. Mr. Rand’s FEC page did not include pizza expenses in campaign expenditures.
Total percentage of votes in Iowa: 4.5

Marco Rubio (R)
Marco Rubio’s campaign spent a total of $293.21 on pizza. Here’s a receipt from Caesario’s Pizzeria for a total of $148.09, filed with the FEC.
Total percentage of votes in Iowa: 23.1

Bernie Sanders (D)
Bernie Sander’s campaign spent a total of $3,354.76 on pizza. Here’s a receipt from Lenardo’s Pizza, for $85.25, filed with the FEC.
Total percentage of votes in Iowa: 49.6

Donald Trump (R)

Donald Trump’s campaign spent a total of $1,233.64 on pizza. Here’s a receipt for $663.33 for Vinny’s Italian Grill and Pizzeria, filed with the FEC.
Total percentage of votes in Iowa: 24.3

It just goes to show that pizza can take you a long way. Maybe all the way to the White House.

Stats: (Gawker, AP)


Muslim Family Receives An Unexpected Surprise From A Stranger At Olive Garden


One kind stranger touched a Muslim family’s hearts through an unexpected act of kindness in the form of a simple message on a receipt.

Eslam S. Mohamed posted a photo of his family’s receipt from an Olive Garden on Facebook on Christmas day along with a caption that told others about his family’s experience at an Augusta, Georgia restaurant the day before.


The family’s receipt, which amounted to at least $138, had a handwritten message in blue marker that read “Paid Merry Christmas Beautiful Family.”


In his post, Mohamed writes that his party of 12 was clearly Muslim because of the language they were speaking and the hijabs worn by the female family members.

“I can’t express how this act touched our hearts,” Mohamed wrote. “Among all the bad things happening to Muslims and the hate speech that the presidential candidate had made lately , there is still light in the dark, there is still hope within the frustration. All what i can say to who did that, Merry Christmas to you too and God bless such a beautiful heart you have.”

The post has since been shared over 26,000 times on Facebook.

Written by Nextshark


Bill Maher Puts Christians on Blast for Stiffing Servers’ Tips


On Friday’s segment of Real Time with Bill Maher, host Bill Maher addressed recent reports of Christians stiffing restaurant servers on tips in the name of Jesus and argued that “there’s always a good moral Christian reason to tell everyone you meet to fuck off and die.”

Maher cited a story of an Applebee’s waitress in Missouri who received a note in replace of a tip that read, “I give God 10%. Why do you get 18,” and another incident in Kansas where a table refused to tip their waiter due to his “homosexual lifestyle.

“Just admit you’re selfish,” he urged conservatives, further pointing out that “not tipping your gay waiter will not make him put his penis in a woman. It will make him put his penis in your pasta primavera.”

Watch the clip below:

H/T Raw Story


Drunk People Can’t Math

drunk people can't math

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The Best and Worst Receipts of 2012

It seemed like 2012 was a good year to let loose with receipt pictures. With the rise of Instagram and other social networks, a game of outdoing each other with funny receipt comments was the norm. On the other hand, plain stupidity seemed to be a trend as well. As these pictures circulated and made their way to our screens, some made us laugh out loud and others made us cringe.

Without further ado, here are the best and worst receipts of 2012:


The Best: Penis Butter Snickers

Even if you’re older than 17, this has to make you chuckle at first sight. A popular find on Reddit, this receipt makes you think that a dollar can still go a long way.


The Worst: Lady C****y Eyes

Our first of the worst came from a Papa John’s in New York. This hateful remark was aimed at an Asian customer as the Papa John’s employee couldn’t find a better way to describe this woman. Maybe next time, “The lady with the (insert color) shirt.”?


The Best: Best Butt Discount

Texas’ Twisted Root restaurant gives a little extra in its receipts. It doesn’t look like any type of significant discount was given to this customer who apparently had the “best butt” and was the “best looking,” but it had to have made her day, right?


The Worst: Fat Girls

Chilly D’s in California is the accused in this case. Another failure in describing customers. There has to be a better, and more creative way to get your kicks at the workplace, Jeff.


The Best: Cold Ass Beer

This receipt can be much appreciated. More receipts should be this laid back. If you go to Buffalo Wild Wings, your receipt should say you bought some ‘Hot ass wings.’ If you go to McDonald’s, your receipt should say, ‘Burger with cheap ass meat.’ The origin of this receipt is unclear, but my best guess would be that it’s from the Idle Hands Bar in New York, which actually has “Cold ass beer” on its menu.


The Worst: Feel free to spit in this guy’s food

You always hear stories, but you always hope it doesn’t really happen. Spitting in a customer’s food is the worst. If they’re rude, have the balls to call them out and don’t mess with their food.


The Best: The Steve Carell Effect

I halfway question the validity of this one, but it’s still awesome. It was set up on a tee and knocked out of the park. We can easily go a whole generation ordering “extra wet” anything and always say the classic, ‘That’s what she said.’


The Worst: This N**** 4 Yu

Insults seemed to be a terrible trend for receipts in 2012. Fuel Pizza in Charlotte, N.C. is the culprit here and the Employee was fired. The report said the employee who wrote it was black, but I don’t think that helped sooth the pissed off customer any.


The Best and Worst: Peyton Manning’s tip

This one could go either way because it’s pretty awesome that NFL star Peyton Manning gave a $200 tip, on top of the gratuity that is already included with the bill. I bet the server was super happy, but he had to be just as sad when he got fired for posting this picture online. I’ll let you decide what category this falls under.


The Worst: Stop eating, b***h

This New Jersey Applebee’s is the site of our final worst receipt. These customers were eating good in the neighborhood, then decided to just be jerks. As one of the worst receipts of the year, their message to the server was an extremely rude suggestion. To add injury to insult, they didn’t even leave a real tip.

Well, several insults were hurled this year, but at least there was some creativity sprinkled in. Hopefully 2013 will bring more best than worst and people will step up their game instead of just insulting the customers and getting fired.