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Nick And Ric Offerman Celebrate Father’s Day In This Hilarious Whisky Ad [WATCH]

If there’s one guy on earth that knows what it takes to be a real man, it’s Nick Offerman. From carpentry to hunting to whisky-drinking, Ron F****** Swanson knows what it takes to be a man’s man. I’d also be willing to bet that his father was the one that taught him all of that, too.

Ric Offerman, father and teacher of all things macho, joins his son Nick in this epic Lagavulin Whisky commercial that breaks down what a relationship between a father and a son should look (and sound) like.

For those who don’t know, Nick Offerman played the hilariously deadpan and morose Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation, a man whose love for the government is matched only by his work ethic (or remarkable lack thereof). The whisky is Lagavulin Whisky, a single malt scotch whisky made in Islay, Scotland.