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Aunt Jemima Officially Rebrands To ‘Pearl Milling Company’

Photo courtesy of PepsiCo

Last June, Aunt Jemima pancake syrup and mix announced they would be retiring the brand and logo after more than 130 years. 

The brand had acknowledged the racial origins of the figurehead, a caricature of African American women that was first used in 1889. While many outlets have called for changing the name and logo over the years, last year’s global Black Lives Matter movement was the final push to formally retire the Aunt Jemima’s brand.

PepsiCo, the parent company for Quaker Oats, which Aunt Jemima fell under, announced that it is officially rebranded as Pearl Milling Company

Originally, Pearl Milling Company was the self-rising pancake mix founded in 1888. It would later be changed to Aunt Jemima. 

In the next few months, Pearl Milling company will replace Aunt Jemima products. 

Expect to see the new Pearl Milling Company branding arrive in stores by June 2021. Until then, products will still have the Aunt Jemima name, though without the image. 

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Togo’s New Pretzelrami Packs On The Pastrami And We’re Not Mad

There’s never such a thing as too much pastrami. I tell my friends this. I tell my colleagues this. I’ll probably tell my kids this. Knowing the amount of work that goes into brining and smoking the product makes me appreciate the flavorful meat all the more. Just pile anything with pastrami and I’m there.

In my quest to try anything and everything new in the world of pastrami sandwiches, I discovered Togo’s newest addition to their menu lineup. They also recently revamped themselves with a new slogan: True to the Sandwich. To coincide with the relaunch, the sandwich chain created a new signature item in this massive Pretzelrami. It features… you guessed it… tons of pastrami.

The sandwich boasts more than a quarter pound of Togo’s pastrami and is topped with two slices of white cheddar cheese, yellow mustard, dill pickles, and served inside a toasted soft pretzel roll.

Honestly, the best kind of pastrami sandwich is one where there’s so much pastrami falling off, you can throw it on your chips or fries afterwards.

Pastrami-loving patrons can find Togo’s new Pretzelrami permanently on the menu as a signature item. Just be ready for that subsequent food coma that’s sure to follow after crushing one. I know I sure am.

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Expect a Major Reboot of Pizza Hut Very Soon, Will Include Pretzel Crusts and a New Logo


Thanks to less than ideal sales numbers over the last two years, Pizza Hut has taken a long look at its brand and decided it was time for a change. USA Today reports that Pizza Hut will undergo its biggest rebranding in the chain’s 56 years of business.

Some of the big menu changes include 11 new pizza recipes, 10 new crust flavors, five new toppings (praying for anchovy here), six new sauces and four new flavor pack drizzles. The menu isn’t the only thing going through a change, as the Hut announced it will also be sporting a newly designed logo along with new employee uniforms and a new pizza box.

Pizza Hut will feature five new “premium” topping choices including Peruvian cherry peppers and sliced banana peppers. The flavor pack drizzles are sauces customers can request to be drizzled onto its pizzas including buffalo and balsamic. Pizza Hut will also offer new crust choices like salted pretzel and honey sriracha. Not sure how the later will work, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Expect to see more from Pizza Hut in the weeks to come as its date of rebooting is set for Nov. 19 at 6,300 of its US locations.

H/T USA Today