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Watch A Single Carolina Reaper Destroy This Man Like Nothing We’ve Seen Before

We’ve heard and seen many horror stories that came from someone eating some variation of the Carolina Reaper. Whether is braving a single chip dusted with the reaper, or eaten as a whole, the devastating chili pepper takes no prisoners.

A video posted by CURBLIFE showed a man popping a Carolina Reaper into his mouth, reports BroBible. During the first few seconds, he seems to handle the heat from the pepper pretty well.

Unfortunately, after the first 30 seconds, he hops out of the car and flails his body about like a man possessed by Beelzebub himself. Kids, a Carolina Reaper is no joke. DO NOT try one at home unless you’re ready to pay for it.

Check out the video to see if this dude is truly suffering or if he’s merely hamming it up for the camera. Our gut says this might be the real deal. Wonder how he would handle a Dragon’s Breath Chili?

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The Spiciest Curry On Earth Must Be Prepared With Gas Masks [WATCH]

A good, spicy curry should be able to make your forehead glisten like the wet rocks along a coast as the morning sun gently touches their surfaces. S0 imagine how drenched you’ll get when your lips touch the fiery overtures of the world’s spiciest bowl of curry.

YouTuber Strictly Dumpling visits Brick Lane Curry, home of what’s said to be the world’s spiciest curry.

Made with Carolina Reaper peppers, chefs have to actually throw on a GAS MASK in order to prepare the dish. Originally, the dish was prepared with habanero peppers, but has gotten a reboot over the years with the reapers.

Like most food challenges, the consumer has to sign a waiver giving consent to any health problems that may occur from such a devilish dish.

We’re sweating just watching him attempt this feat.

Brick Curry has two locations, one in New York and one in New Jersey. You can find the Carolina Reaper Curry at the Jersey location.

Obviously, try it at your own risk.


Twins Juiced 130 Of The World’s Hottest Peppers And Drank It, Watch What Happens


Currently the Carolina Reaper is classified as the hottest pepper in the world, the previous pepper to hold that title was the Trinidad moruga scorpion. It’s safe to say that both peppers are pretty hot boasting Scoville levels ranging from 1.5 million to 2.2 million.

So if you had 65 Trinidad Morugas and 65 Carolina Reapers, eating it probably wouldn’t be the best idea. So these two twin brothers juiced them.

Combining both sets of peppers in a juicer, these guys liquified 130 of the hottest peppers in the world and set them into shot glasses.

Watch what happens. We also can’t stress enough not to try this at home.