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These Guys Built A Rocket Using Nothing But Butane And A Coke Bottle

You shouldn’t try this at home. Playing with butane gas is never a good idea. Butane gas is extremely flammable — its primary use is to start fires. If not used in a well-ventilated area, butane gas could blow up your house. If you try this and send it to us, we will not acknowledge your existence.

Thanks to the dozens of previously attempted experiments found on the Internet, it’s become public knowledge that if you top off a half-full Coca-Cola bottle with butane gas, and then flip the bottle, a spontaneous reaction occurs that causes the bottle to take off like a rocket.

It’s pretty damn incredible. But also dangerous. It’s especially dangerous to attempt any type of science experiment without wearing protective eyewear, which these guys did not use. It’s dumb. But also entertaining. Sort of.

So, now that the cat’s out of the bag, let’s explain the context of this experiment.

Butane has a boiling point of 0° Fahrenheit — for perspective, water boils around 210°Fahrenheit. Since butane is stored in metallic containers under extremely high pressure, it becomes liquid once the valve is pressed.

Liquid butane is not soluble, meaning it doesn’t dissolve. It will sit on the top layer of the Coca-Cola. Once mixed, the soda causes the butane to try and escape the bottle rapidly — creating a propulsion effect.

Ironically, this isn’t a chemical reaction — it’s actually the exact opposite. The butane doesn’t mix with the soda, so it literally turns to gas and evaporates. Chemical reactions occur when two substances combine.

The final product, however, does not leave the viewer disappointed. If you’ve never seen this experiment before, it definitely has some shock value.

What’s even better, is that we might have actually learned something out of such hijinks.

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Witness The Sickening Reaction Stomach Acid Has On Coca-Cola

A few years ago, the internet lost its shit after seeing what happened to a McDonald’s cheeseburger after being exposed to stomach acid. Now, thanks to the the YouTube channel Molten Science, we know what adding a Coke to the equation looks like — and it’s completely revolting.

This controlled experiment, posted to YouTube this past March 2, uses hydrochloric acid to simulate stomach acid, which the human body naturally produces to break down substances. Still, the reaction this experiment reveals is a stomach churning combination of a thick, smokey tar-like concoction of sugar and food coloring that is anything but thirst-quenching.

We all know that soda is basically the unhealthiest thing you can drink. Still, somewhere between a plume of smoke that appears as the Coke makes contact with the clear liquid,  and the sudden thickening of all the contents — it’s safe to say no one would have expected a reaction so unappetizing.

Even before half of the can is emptied, the small glass is overflowing with gelatinous Coke that fizzes and smokes as it hardens. To contain the overflowing mess, the glass is placed inside a baking sheet, which still cannot contain the quickly expanding tar-like substance.

It’s hard to imagine that this reaction is potentially a reenactment of what is happening inside your stomach after a good, hard, throat burning chug of Coke. No wonder it makes you burp.

Do you still want a Coke with that?

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Little Girl’s Reaction To ‘Pizza Is My BF’ Lunchbox Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

If there’s one thing us foodies can all agree on, it’s the fact that pizza is one of the best things in the world. In fact, people have even written explicit poems about their love affair with pizza. There’s something special about pizza that everyone seems to recognize, no matter what age.

One adorable little girl, bashfully expressed her love for pizza in the most comedic way a pre-schooler could. While shopping at Target, the young girl picked out a new lunch box, and the precious moment was captured on video by YouTube user Brave Love, letting us fall in love with her priceless reaction.

We all remember our first crush, and this little girl will be able to look back on this innocently-romantic moment for years to come, as pizza was her very first boyfriend.



The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Reacts To That Awful Ghostbusters Trailer

The recent trailer for the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot has been met with less than favorable response. Since then, numerous reactions have been posted on YouTube to the trailer.

One of our favorite one comes from the villain of the original movie itself, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The fictional mascot of a marshmallow snack from the Ghostbuster universe was a giant throne in our heroes’ sides in the classic film.

Now, he sits down to watch the new trailer.

Check out his hilarious and subtle reactions to every moment shown. Currently, the trailer has more than 25 million views and more dislikes than likes.


Who knows though, maybe they’re just saving the good stuff for the actual movie. Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15.


This Guy Uses Music To Control Couscous Like A Wizard

Steve Mould is probably best known for his work in science. He performs stage shows about physics, chemistry, psychology and maths for kids and a family crowd.

In a recent video he posted on YouTube, Mould scattered a bunch of uncooked couscous on a sheet of metal in a random pattern. He takes a bow (the musical tool) and moves it around the metal.

The couscous begins to form distinct patterns thanks to wave dynamics in reaction to the vibrations made from the bow. It’s pretty hypnotic to watch.

Check out the video above.

Fast Food

Real Kids Think McDonald’s New Mascot Is Cree-py [VIDEO]

We knew it.

From his bug eyes to his uncanny valley grin, McDonald’s new mascot “Happy” has been panned ever since his U.S. debut last week (for some reason we decided to steal him from France). But as much as we grown-ups can gripe, the real test is how kids react to him, whether they fall in love with his unbridled enthusiasm, or finally have a reason to eat at Burger King instead.

Grub Street invited a focus group of kids in to get some insight, and their darnedest reactions are pretty much what you’d expect. They cover their eyes, fear it’s going to eat them, and ask “what the heck is that?” Weirdly enough, some kids still give Happy their thumbs up by the end of the survey, but that might just be so he doesn’t kill them in their sleep.



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