Proof That This Dude Can Eat A Hot Dog Faster Than Anyone

Move over Kobayashi. Take a seat Matt Stonie. Joey Chestnut, who? Get ready to meet the king of hot dog eating. Or shooting, as he describes it. Trust me, you’ve never seen anything like this before.

It’s been said that there are strange things on the internet. Very strange things. However, this video turns the word “strange”  into a hot dog, then a dude wearing a red bandana and sunglasses orally vacuums the hot dog into his body, only to spit it back out seconds later. Yes, it’s that weird.

You probably were not ready for that. If you’ve stopped laughing by now, we can resume our breakdown of this craziness.

The man claims he is the world’s fastest hot dog shooter — insinuating he’s done this before. Secondly, the vacuum sound he makes as he inhales the raw dogs back into his esophagus is almost mechanic. It’s unclear why he attempts this “trick” but, it doesn’t seem to bother the woman dressed in black who is on a cell phone behind him.


“World’s fastest hot dog shooter — in the Northwest — I-I-I-I’ve never seen anyone be able to do this. I can do it quick.”


“I’m just sayin…'”


If you notice, he’s swinging his arms around so loosely, a single raw hot dog is actually thrown out of the package.

“We’re goin’ viral with this one!” – Self-proclaimed world’s fastest hot dog shooting man.

The video, posted by YouTube account FunnyNewsBloopers, slows down at one point to capture the man wearing the red bandana vacuum down 5 consecutive hot dogs. It’s in slow motion, but it can’t take more than 10 seconds.


Although it’s quite a talent, someone should check his locker and pockets for performance enhancing drugs.


Ignore Those Rom Coms, Eating Raw Cookie Dough Will F*ck You Up

cookie dough

Who doesn’t love eating raw cookie dough or licking the spoon after making brownies? Apparently the FDA, who is now saying put the raw cookie dough down now and forever. Yes, even the vegan, eggless variety.

Apparently it’s no longer just salmonella you should be worried about. According to a new blog post by the FDA, the agency is now discouraging people from consuming raw dough of any variety because they now believe that raw flour of any brand could contain bacteria. This announcement follows a recent outbreak of E. coli believed to be tied to contaminated flour that has infected 38 people since last December. This led General Mills to conduct a voluntary recall of 10 million pounds of Gold Medal, Signature Kitchens and Gold Medal Wondra flour.

The problem with flour is that unlike other foods, there is no “kill-method.” In other words, there’s no sanitation that goes into raw flour. Raw flour comes directly from the field so anything, including animal waste as the FDA pointed out, could  be infecting it with bacteria. Cooking methods like frying, boiling, roasting, baking, and microwaving all count as kill methods which is why cooked dough is safe.

The FDA even discouraged parents from letting kids play with homemade playdough made with dough or doing any other flour crafts because even if kids are not directly consuming the playdough there’s a good chance a three-year-old is going to stick their hands in their mouth after playing with it and get sick.


12 Unexpected Foods You Can Eat Raw And How To Do So Without Dying

While many health-conscious folks are into their raw and juice diets, others choose to incorporate uncooked foods without thinking twice. We’re down either way. Although chowing on any food that’s normally cooked will always pose some risk. Here are a few common (and some unusual) eats you’ll want to think twice about.



In Japan, chicken sashimi isn’t a big deal. So, why do Americans freak out over uncooked poultry? The issue has to do with how large quantities are farmed and butchered under less than ideal conditions. Because of this, reports of salmonella poisoning are higher domestically. Restaurants that source chickens from farms with organic, free-range and exceptionally sanitary practices when processing are a safer bet.



This PSL spice base shows no signs of danger, so long as it’s eaten in moderation. Taking in extreme quantities may end in myristicin poisoning, which can result in memory loss and visual distortions.



This fermented, Egyptian fish is fine to dine on. Of course, that’s assuming you dry it in the sun or ferment in salt for a whole year. Bad things (Botulism, anyone?) will come to those who don’t wait.



It looks harmless enough, right? Wrong! Ensure it’s ripe before consuming. And avoid the black seeds at all costs, unless you desire something called Jamaican vomiting sickness. Ew.



Many people still believe having steak that isn’t cooked to “no pink” status is dangerous. It’s one hell of a misconception. Tasty examples of raw cow include beef carpaccio and steak tartare. Like most things you pay good money for, leave it to a well-seasoned chef to prepare this. They’ll serve those dishes using higher quality meat.

See: We Ate The 12 Most Bizarre Things You Could Find In LA, Silkworms And Crickets Included



Raw potatoes are about as exciting as gnawing on celery. But if you’re as desperate as Matt Damon in The Martian, go right ahead. Be sure to avoid any green ones, though. Glycoalkaloids found in these can cause diarrhea or put you in a coma.

Fugu (aka Puffer) Fish 

Aloha Fukuoka! Yanagibashi Market

If you’ve got an expert fish monger, you’re good to go. Just have them discard the liver and internal organs before they make you ill. Cyanide has nothing on fugu poison: it’s 1,200 times more deadly.



Normally pickled or baked into pies, this leafy plant contains a poison known as oxalic acid. This only becomes a concern, however, when had in large amounts. I don’t know anybody who goes crazy eating this vegetable, so don’t be the first.



A general guideline sushi purists have (besides never, ever ordering rolls) has to do with cleanliness. If they think for a second that an establishment is less than spotless, they won’t dine there. Same goes for the seafood. Busy sushi bars go through fish quicker, meaning fresher seafood in rotation. On a medical note, the Food and Drug Administration dictates that sushi grade fish be kept at freezing temperatures to ward off parasites.



As pretty as it sounds, you should probably only try starfruit if you have strong kidneys. Impaired kidneys can’t filter out neurotoxins, making starfruit and its oxalic acid bad news for weak systems. Side effects include vomiting, convulsions, and mental confusion.



This Harry Potter-esque item should be consumed fully ripened, minus the leaves, twigs, seeds and roots. Ingesting them too soon could mean cyanide poisoning.



I’d advise you to cover this raw Korean dish with extra sesame oil and chew like crazy. Remember: they’re served alive. If they fight back and attach themselves to your insides, you’ll choke! But man, would that make for a great story.


Salmon UH-Roe

salmon roe comic

PicThx Bacon Asylum


The 4-Day Ice Cream Cleanse That’s Not the Worst for You?


We can’t pretend we haven’t thought of it. You could even say it’s kind of a dream come true: a diet cleanse made entirely of ice cream? Get outta here!

Yep, it turns out there’s a vegan ice cream shop in Los Angeles that’s offering a four-day, ice cream only-diet cleanse that’s supposed to be good for you. For $240, Kippy’s Ice Cream Shop will give you 20 pints of its coconut-cream based, raw, organic, non-dairy ice cream, in a variety of flavors, from Himalayan Fire Salt to Orange Creme. All in all, the cleanse works out to one pint per meal, five pints per day, for four days straight.

According to Kippy’s promotional email,

“When you cleanse from eating Kippy’s Ice Cream, you are feeding your body not only the raw saturated fat from the coconuts, but living nutrients from the fruit and Superfoods present in the ice cream. The raw honey used to sweeten Kippy’s Ice Cream is a double whammy of amino acids and living enzymes, which aid digestion and reduce inflammation [. . .]

Basically, you can expect to lose weight and feel great! And since it’s Kippy’s Ice Cream, you know it’ll be delicious… and fun!”

Gizmodo’s Brent Rose tried the experiment with his girlfriend, and found the experience to be fairly delicious, if exhausting, and only dubiously healthy. There was plenty of poop involved, as well as a nutritional check that revealed over 800% over the daily recommended amount of saturated fat and over 360 grams of sugar consumed per day.

On the plus side, it probably made for one bomb Netflix-binging session.

H/T Gizmodo + Picthx Kippy’s


Nosebleed? Stick Some Bacon Up In There!

I’ve stuck my fair share of things up my nose and I’ve gotten my fair share of nosebleeds. I’m sure we all have. But can putting raw bacon in your nose stop a nosebleed? According to Annals: Yes.

A case study shows that the placement of cured pork firmly inserted into the nasal passages will stop hemorrhaging. The subject, a 4 year-old suffering from Glanzmann thrombasthenia (a hemorrhaging disorder mostly from the nose), was successfully treated with the method.

I guess next time I have a nosebleed I now have an excuse for picking up some bacon.

Note: Bacon should not be cooked in order to prevent nosebleed. Cooked bacon should only be inserted into one’s nose for aromatic purposes or if on a dare. We are not doctors, nor scientists. 

via: Annals


Raw Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

If you are a fan of peanut butter (and who isn’t), you’ll love this Raw Peanut Butter Cookie Dough! Besides the basic ingredients like peanut butter and milk, this thick heap also contains oats, toasted nuts and pitted dates! Plop a Hershey Kiss on this bad boy and serve it in a small coffee cup to make it look like you graduated from culinary school! (Thx AnEdibleMosiac)


Cravings Recipes Sweets

Raw Brownie Batter

I remember when my mother used to bake cookies and brownies when I was younger. I would always beg her for the leftover batter so I could have a little treat before the main dessert was ready! Now, the Raw Brownie Batter is what the foodie community has been collectively waiting for. If you guys are down to please your sweet tooth while bringing back some childhood memories, check  out this mouth watering dessert after the spoonful…err…jump: