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Aldi Will Soon Be Selling Elote Ravioli

The universal appeal of elote is hard to deny. How can anyone? Grilled Mexican street corn is undeniable in its ability to gather a delicious line up of butter, mayonnaise, cotija cheese, chile powder, lemon juice, and salt into one harmonius experience.

Different applications of elote have popped up in recent years, but to have it in frozen pasta form to enjoy right in the comfort of your home is a new one that’s a welcome addition to any freezer.

Made by Casa Mamita, and set to be sold at Aldi grocery stores starting August 8, the frozen Mexican Street Corn Ravioli boasts a “sweet & smoky ravioli filled with roasted corn, jalapeño & creamy cheeses in a velvety smooth queso blanco sauce.”

Folks can grab a pack of Casa Mamita’s Mexican Street Corn Ravioli soon for $6.49.

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There Are People Who Think That Pop Tarts Are Ravioli, And I’m Confused

Inspired by a study from Three Bridges, I sent out a poll on Foodbeast Twitter asking if y’all think Pop Tarts are ravioli or not, Tuesday. The filled pasta specialists found that just 18 percent of Americans think the toaster pastry fits that definition, so when a third of you guys responded “yes” to “Are Pop Tarts ravioli?,” I was flabbergasted at the stark difference.

Granted, our sample was smaller than Three Bridges’, who polled about 1,000 people, compared to our mode’s 400-plus responses.

Still, it’s a big enough proportion of the Foodbeast fam to wonder: do these classic breakfast pastries fit under the same name as a traditional Italian pasta?

I asked around the Foodbeast office, and here’s what some of us have to say about that comparison.

Isai Rocha

“NO. Ravioli is pasta, Pop Tarts aren’t even remotely close to being pasta.”

Moriah Dobos

“I mean, yea, they’re like fruit ravioli.”

Elie Ayrouth

“No. Unless it’s full of pasta sauce, but then it’s a Hot Pocket.”

Ricky Zollinger

“I’m open to the argument. It’s crust filled with something, ravioli is pasta filled with something. I think so. Yeah, why not? But both sides could be argued.”

To me, personally, I think the notion of Pop Tarts being ravioli is wack, and I know quite a few Italians who would strongly agree. From a certain point of view, though, I can see how it makes sense. Both contain fillings, are surrounded by doughs made of flour and water, and even have special crimps to keep the insides from exploding out. Then again, so do dumplings, and we don’t consider those to be ravioli. Or, perhaps, ravioli are the Italian equivalent to dumplings?

My head hurts now just pondering all of those questions. But look, if you believe that Pop Tarts and ravioli are related, that’s chill, but I don’t know if I would go as far as a third of y’all and say that the American toaster favorite belongs in the same vein as Italian tradition.


Restaurant Combined Tom Yum Soup With Ravioli And It’s Beautiful


Our buddy Andy invited us over to the Union Market in Mission Viejo, CA, last week where we got to visit a few dope spots at the brand new food hall.

While sippin on some tea at Milk Box, our eyes caught a restaurant across the hall.

Anchor Hitch, it’s called.

Known for their raw take on seafood dishes, one dish in particular caught our attention. This was the Tom Yum Agnoletti.


Those might now Tom Yum as a popular Thai soup dish made with shrimp. Anchor Hitch’s version combines the Thai staple with the texture of a ravioli.

It’s made with shrimp-stuffed ravioli, a Tom Yum cream, sautéed maitake mushrooms, scallions and sesame seeds.

The chefs plate it in a way that captures the beautiful of an island meant to be seen from a birds eye view.

Fellow Foodbeast Geoff had this to say:

The combination of mixing elements of a soup dumpling and ravioli is already impressive. But by then adding a new dimension of Tom Yum soup into the equation, is nothing short of brilliance.

For a dude that’s been in the food world for nearly a decade, that’s some pretty high praise.

You can find Anchor Hitch at:

27741 Crown Valley Pkwy

Mission Viejo, CA 92691


Trader Joe’s Is Now Selling Chicken Pot Pie RAVIOLI


Pot pies are a tricky food. We love them to death, but they can often be heavier than we’d like. For those who can’t commit to an entire pie, Trader Joe’s has released a new Chicken Pot Pie Ravioli.

Regular ravioli’s are stuffed with the contents of a chicken pot pie for customers to enjoy bite after bite. The ingredients of the pot pie mix include whole peas, diced carrots, caramelized onions and chunks of white meat chicken. The signature pot pie items are swimming in a creamy chicken-based sauce and packed inside the ravioli.

All you have to do is boil the pasta for 5 to 6 minutes and they’re ready to enjoy. According to Trader Joe’s, you can also get creative and fry or bake them.

Patrons can find an 8-ounce package of Chicken Pot Pie Ravioli at Trader Joe’s locations for $3.99 in the refrigerated sections.




Ridiculous Fried Ravioli Burger is a Real Thing at this Southern California Restaurant


They call it The Rustic Ravioli Burger, and it’s Slater’s 50/50’s latest monthly burger project which features an Italian sausage and Brandt beef patty, fried ravioli, grilled broccoli, roasted tomato and pesto Alfredo on a brioche bun.

The burger will be available for the entire month of September as their Burger of the Month.

While we haven’t tried this beast yet — it looks like one of the most interesting entries the chain has offered up in recent memory. Slater’s is known for their 50/50 burger, a blend of 50% ground bacon and 50% ground beef.

Since the chain’s inception, they’ve brought to light a ridiculous amount of burger concepts including the Turducken Burger, a 100% bacon burger, Bulgogi BBQ Beef Burger, a Kangaroo Burger, a Donut Burger and our favorite flavor bomb, a Chorizo Burger.

Here’s a full look:




Toasted Ravioli Pizza Burgers

Toasted pieces of ravioli act as the bun, sandwiching cheese and burger patties on this platter of low-key sliders. Oh yeah, what would Toasted Ravioli Pizza Burgers be without a marinara dipping sauce? Idea = Solid. Eat on! (Thx DamnThatLooksGood)


Texas State Fair Serves Fried Beer

At this year’s Texas State Fair, apparently they were serving up some rather interesting raviolis. Deep fried and filled with beer, these little puppies will let you eat and drink at the exact same time. Stated in the video, the alcohol doesn’t burn off because they are not cooked long enough for that to happen. Which makes me think, what other awesome foods can people fill beer with? (Thx ABC)


Craving: Chicken Chipotlioli (Fancy Chipotle Mexican Grill)

Erik of Fancy Fast Food is at again, this time heading to Chipotle Mexican Grill and picking up 1 burrito filled with grilled chicken, fresh tomato salsa, cheese and lettuce (no rice or beans), a condiment cup fo tomatillo-red chili salsa, a soft drink and organic basil leaves. With these ingredients, and these ingredients only, he turned what would normally be a burrito into an amazing looking ravioli experience. This guy’s game is seriously on a hundred thousand trillion.