This Tablet Will Make Your Drink Glow in the Dark

Cosmic Apple Blacklight

If you tire easily while dancing your ass off at the club, now there’s something you can slip into your drink to help you get a boost. That’s right, just what you thought, an energy drink mixer.

The XUVO tablet is set up to give you energy, but its prime niche is it’s ability to glow in the dark. They’re hush-hush on the formula, but a research team spent three years working on it, and they claim it’s safe and non-toxic.

They recommend the tablet be dumped in 6 ounces of water and 2 ounces of vodka or white rum, then a neon glow will emerge when exposed to ultraviolet black lights.

The tablet has pretty basic ingredients that you’d see in most energy drinks such as caffeine, taurine, guarana, and B vitamins. And with a bit of a cheesy AD campaign where they claim, “It’s not a mixer, it’s a re-mixer,” they’re getting set to hit stores November 2014.

So what the hell are these luminous potions gonna taste like? Their flavors include; “Orange Buzz,” an orange and vanilla taste that glows bright orange. “Electric Blue Hawaiian” a mix of coconut, pineapple and Blue Curacao that glows blue. “Neon Mojito” a mint and lime flavor with a green glow. And “Cosmic Apple,” a mix of golden apples white cranberry, and ginger flavors for a yellowish glow. Every tablet contains nine or less calories per serving.

Topher XUVO 3

The promo pictures above would make you think the XUVO is also a radiant male enhancement tablet, but maybe that’s a future endeavor of theirs.

So if you’re that person at raves with the glow in the dark t-shirt, the glow in the dark bracelets, and the glow in the dark hair dye, now you can also be the one with a glow in the dark drink.


Massive EDM x Sriracha Rave Coming to California


Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and Cock Sauce?

In what’s probably the most sensational festival news ever, San Jose, Calif.-based catering company Moveable Feast is hosting the world’s first Electronic Sriracha Festival next month. And yes, that’s ESF, as in Electronic Dance Music and red hot Sriracha sauce. Fuuuuuuu

Set to happen the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend at St. James Park in San Jose, the pulse-pounding food and music event promises “2 city blocks, 3 stages of electronic music, 4 bars, and 120 sriracha-infused dishes,” with the official line-up to be announced next Monday.

Pack your water bottles!

You can also sign up for pre-sale discount ticket access here.