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An NYC Rat Caught Eating Ratatouille Was Not The Disney Sequel We Were Looking For

Disney’s finally working on a sequel to their popular animated movie from 2007… wait they’re not?

Somehow the most meta-Disney thing happened this week, as a rat was spotted at a popular New York City bakery, Mighty Pie, munching carelessly on you guessed it — ratatouille!

Twitter user @persistentcooki posted the photo on his account and gave us quite a chuckle:

While it is kinda cute seeing the little guy nibble away at crumbs below the “Ratatouille & Goat Cheese” flavor, this obviously causes major health concerns for consumers.

New York City’s rats are not the least bit afraid of people, and have been continuously captured on video dragging away their latest meal. Mighty Pie, located in Union Square, is just their latest media appearance.

According to Gothamist, Mighty Pie has since been closed down for the unsanitary conditions, and will be inspected at a later date.

Plot twist: The rat was probably baking all those goods in the first place. He just got caught up.

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Rapper Quavo Has An Outrageous Chain Of Himself As A Chef Holding The Rat From Ratatouille

Migos are one of the hottest acts in hip-hop right now and member Quavo in particular is always cooking up hot verses. Because of that, his new chain makes a lot of sense.

Quavo has a diamond chain of himself rocking a chef’s hat, wearing a gold chain, and holding the rat from Ratatouille.

If you’re wondering why he’s holding the Disney character in his hand, he has a line in Migos’ hit song, where he says, “Still be playin’ with pots and pans, call me Quavo Ratatouille.”

Yes, we know the rat’s name in the movie is not Ratatouille, and yes, we know the movie is named after the dish, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what Quavo was trying to accomplish in that verse.

The chain was custom made by Avianne & Co. Jewelers, who make jewelry for several rappers, from 21 Savage to P. Diddy. According to Hypebeast, the chain cost $250,000 and was designed by artist Bernard Rollins.

It’s nice when rappers incorporate food into their lyrics. From mentions of Ratatouille to cookies to crockpots, it’s nice that Migos are inspiring a new generation to be more inclined to cook.


How To Make ‘Ratatouille’ EXACTLY Like The Pixar Movie


When we first saw the Pixar film Ratatouille, we couldn’t believe how badly we wanted to try that titular dish. Unfortunately, most ratatouille dishes aren’t prepared the way the movie was.

Most ratatouille dishes are stewed or sautéed vegetables. Delicious, sure, though not as eye-catching as the film portrayed it.

Grant Crilly of ChefSteps shows us exactly how the vegetarian dish can be prepared at home exactly how you see it in the movie.

The style used in the film is called confit byaldi. There, the vegetables are sliced with a mandolin until they’re in neat thin layers.

Check out the recipe, in detail, in the delicious video. Man, we need to rewatch this movie again. Can’t believe it’s almost 10 years old.


Ratatouille chef’s hat



Disney’s Ratatouille Restaurant Makes You Feel Magically Rodent-Sized


We’ve all taken a moment at the end of Ratatouille and thought, “Man, what I’d give to eat at that rat’s restaurant”. While it’s pretty ludicrous to seethe over a fictional rodent’s animated restaurant, part of us hoped it would one day become a reality. After all, Ratatouille did have some pretty heavy food porn. The lucky folks over at Disneyland Paris, however, have hit the Disney jackpot as they’ll be getting the new Ratatouille Restaurant, Chez Remy.

The 370-seater restaurant creates the feel of being a rat in an oversized environment. Patrons are made to believe they are living in the world of Ratatouille, minus the anthropomorphic rats. The dining area looks to be hidden under fauna with life-sized cocktail umbrellas as tables.


While the menu is pretty limited, it does include the movie’s signature dish: Ratatouille. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look half as drool-worthy as the movie version. Though I’m sure it tastes just fine.


Other menu items include salad, steak, cheese and profiterole. Y’know, people dishes.


Picthx Disneyland ParisFountain Ratatouille


Disneyland Paris Getting ‘Ratatouille’-Themed Restaurant


That 2007 Disney-Pixar film about an incredible cooking rat named Rémy, Ratatouille had us feeling like foodies before we even knew what foodies were — kind of.

Now, famed French chef Paul Bocuse has been commissioned by Disney Paris to create a brand new ride and restaurant inspired by chef Rémy himself. Dubbed “Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy,” the ride will take place inside the film’s primary locale of “Chez Gusteau.” According to promotional images, guests will experience the restaurant from Rémy’s point of view, being chased around by antagonist chef Skinner from the comfort of an oversized rat car.

Pursuitist reports actual ratatouille will be served up at the “Le Bistrot de Rémy” restaurant next door, with both attractions scheduled to open by fall 2014.

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