Watch These Two Subway Rats Duke It Out For A Slice Of Pizza

We all remember the hero rat who found a slice of pizza and carried it down a flight of stairs for dinner.

Now we’re starting to see copycat rats.

In a similar incident, a video posted by Jonathen Liu on Instagram showed a rat in a New York subway, coming up on a slice of pizza. A few seconds later, another rat came along and punked him for his slice of pizza.

As the rat tried to run off with the slice, the first rat came back into frame and tried to take back what was rightfully his. Rat 1 eventually won the battle and took his prize, as the rat thief scurried off into the night.

Check out the awe-inspiring altercation below:

A video posted by Jonathen Liu (@jonathenlewd) on

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Fast Food

SOLVED: Mysterious KFC Fried Rat Claim Turns Out To Be FALSE


Last week, it was reported a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Los Angeles supposedly served a customer a piece of fried…rat. Devorise Dixon posted a photo of what looked to be a deep-fried rat on social media. The image when viral, sparking a massive debate over the authenticity of the meat.

The Los Angeles Times reports that KFC have since examined that piece of meat and confirmed that it is, in fact, a piece of chicken. Through a third-party lab, the suspicious meat was identified to be poultry that came out fried in an unfortunate shape.

Another photo of the chicken was released exposing white meat where a bite was taken from it.

KFC have now asked Dixon for an apology and to stop making false claims towards the brand. According to the Times, the restaurant location Dixon claimed to have purchased the meat from could not find him as a customer on security cameras.

Dixon had retained an attorney who turned the meat over to the company for testing.


Man Releases Rat In Restaurant On Valentine’s Day To Avoid Paying For His Meal


Christopher Baker, from Houghton-le-Spring, England, released his pet rat after dining out alone on Valentine’s Day to get a free meal. Instead, he ended up in court.


Christopher Baker

Fraudster Baker, 28, pulled the rodent from his pocket after paying for his 7.25 pounds ($11) buffet meal and a bottle of water at the Borneo Bistro in Sunderland, the Daily Mail reports.


Baker, left, pulls rat from pocket

Lee Poppett, the prosecutor on Baker’s case, told Sunderland Magistrates’ Court:

“At shortly before 4pm [Baker] suddenly jumps up and shouts ‘It’s a rat. I’m not eating here, I want my money back.’ ”

Within seconds, every customer was out of their tables and on their feet while staff scrambled to catch the rat.

Poppett added that Baker claimed the rat had bitten his finger while he ate.

The restaurant’s owner, Kevin Smith, 48, said that Baker could’ve ruined his business and its pristine reputation that took him several years to build up all because of a few pounds. Borneo Bistro has a five-star rating, is top-rated on Trip Advisor and attracts Premier League footballers.


The prank was immediately disputed as Smith smelled, well, a rat, and because Baker was caught on closed-circuit TV releasing his pet and putting it on the floor. Smith caught on quickly that the black and white rodent was a pet because it was clean, and “It looked like it had just had its hair done.”

Pest control experts later agreed that the animal was domesticated after taking it away. Smith was able to track down Baker from the CCTV recording, and Baker was charged with fraud. Smith said:

“We have never had trouble with pests before, and then one scumbag comes along like that.”

Baker pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation. He was sentenced to 12 months of community service and ordered to pay the restaurant the 7.25 pounds back, as well as a victim surcharge of 60 pounds ($90).

Written by Augustine Reyes Chan of NextShark || Feature Image via YouTube


Disney’s Ratatouille Restaurant Makes You Feel Magically Rodent-Sized


We’ve all taken a moment at the end of Ratatouille and thought, “Man, what I’d give to eat at that rat’s restaurant”. While it’s pretty ludicrous to seethe over a fictional rodent’s animated restaurant, part of us hoped it would one day become a reality. After all, Ratatouille did have some pretty heavy food porn. The lucky folks over at Disneyland Paris, however, have hit the Disney jackpot as they’ll be getting the new Ratatouille Restaurant, Chez Remy.

The 370-seater restaurant creates the feel of being a rat in an oversized environment. Patrons are made to believe they are living in the world of Ratatouille, minus the anthropomorphic rats. The dining area looks to be hidden under fauna with life-sized cocktail umbrellas as tables.


While the menu is pretty limited, it does include the movie’s signature dish: Ratatouille. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look half as drool-worthy as the movie version. Though I’m sure it tastes just fine.


Other menu items include salad, steak, cheese and profiterole. Y’know, people dishes.


Picthx Disneyland ParisFountain Ratatouille


New York Artist Turns Doomsday Prepper by Serving Gourmet Rats for $100 a Pop

It’s almost August now, which means we’re about 2/3 of the way through the year or 2/3 of the way closer to the zombie apocalypse, so it might be a good idea for us to all to step back, take a breather and cut a page from the book of artist Laura Ginn – who recently served a $100-a-head gourmet dinner made almost entirely from rats.

Yes, you read that right. $100. For rats.

As part of a photography and performance event called “Tomorrow We Will Feast Again on What We Catch,” a group of about twenty New Yorkers got the chance to sup on a succulent meal of rat and pork paté and braised and grilled rodent carcass, among other ratty incarnations.

Ginn’s Kickstarter page explains: “I’ve spent the past year and a half working on a new project exploring self-sufficiency in an urban environment,” Ginn writes. From building her own shelters to making her own leather from actual animal skins, Ginn has tapped into our hunter-gatherer roots and perhaps provided diners the key to making it out of 2012 alive.

Granted, the 75 rats used to create the meal weren’t your average NYC bottom feeders and were in fact delivered cleaned and frozen from a medical facility in California. But the “post-apocalyptic hunter-gatherer feast” still managed to both gross out and engross, even when served on a goat cheese crostini or as a jerky slice dessert on French toast.

For just $2000, you can have your very own private dinner made from Master Splinter’s cousins; $5000 will get you a private dinner for four.


[Via HuffPo]


Video: Delicious Grilled…Rat?

Andrew Zimmerman from Bizarre Foods seems to take it to the next level! Brave, brave soul. But then again this is what he gets paid for…