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Rat’s Head Claimed To Have Been Found In Popeyes Chicken Order

I don’t know about you, but when I’m trying to enjoy a nice box of Popeyes Chicken, I do not expect to see a gotdamn Pokemon looking right back at me.

Such a horrifying experience was allegedly had by one Rosemary Thomas and her family at a Popeyes Chicken location in Harlem, New York. According to DNAinfo, Thomas had dined out with her daughter, niece, and sister at the location on 2730 Frederick Douglas Blvd, wherein the rodent’s wee head was spotted golden and perfectly battered like the other fried chicken pieces. After the incident, she took to Facebook to air out her rather unpleasant encounter with the assumed vermin.

“This is clearly a rat and they have the nerve to have a 5 rating by the department of health,” Thomas claimed in the Facebook post.

According to the city Department of Health’s site, the last inspection of the Harlem chain was earlier this year on April 21, 2016, receiving an “A” grading in the process.

Though the owner of the franchise in question could not be reached for comment, a Popeyes Chicken spokeswoman, Renee Kopowski, assures that they are upset regarding the incident. Since the claimed Rattata sighitng, the department of health dropped by to make sure that nothing else unusual (like, say maybe, a RAT), was not present in the food as of Monday morning.

I guess this is what happens when Ratatouille actually happens IRL and the little dude doesn’t know his way around the fryer. Yikes.