Frying Pan Weapons – Who Knew, Right?

Answer: Rapunzel, Flynn Rider and even Amy Pond at one point.

But in case you’re still not convinced about the effectiveness of frying pans as makeshift weaponry, please allow these Fighting Man Frying Pans to prove you wrong.

By switching out the traditional panhandle for a sword hilt, you can finally take your boring old dragon’s egg omelets from “eh” to epic. Best of all, all titling to the contrary, these crazy new hilts are so simple, even a woman could use them. Éowyns of the world, rejoice.

Combat Kitchenware, handles and custom pans: $30-500 @ Kickstarter

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Magical Disney Princess Aprons, For After Your Happily Ever After

So the wicked stepsisters are gone, the wedding’s over and the kingdom is saved, so what’s a poor Disney heroine with no life experience or applicable job skills left to do?

Get back in the kitchen, of course!

But just because you’re stuck doing the same menial labor you were doing before you met your Prince doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. Instead of mucking around your ball gown though (because let’s be real, when are you ever gonna wear that again?), why not put some of those ol’ crying skills to use and wait for your fairy godmother and magical talking animal friends to sew you a fancy new apron out of pity?

No, that’s not right. You’re a princess now. You’re empowered, liberated. You can use your hubby’s plastic to buy yourself a Disney-inspired princess apron. Score.

Featuring a Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, two Cinderellas (pre- and post-Charming) and, for you more peasanty-folk, even a Minnie, Alice and Queen of Hearts version, these handmade baking vestments are admittedly adorable – and are sure to be a hit at all the kingdom-wide balls you’ll be hosting because that’s what Princesses do in their spare time, right?

Disney Princess Aprons by Lover Dover’s Clothing: $32-39 @ Etsy

Singing birds and fairy godmothers, sadly not included.

More pics of all the aprons below:

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