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Hidden Valley’s Selling Fully Stocked RANCH KEGS For The Holidays

Kegs are usually reserved for alcohol, as they bring joy to the masses. But Hidden Valley had to screw that all up and started filling them up with ranch dressing.

Thankfully this ranch keg isn’t terribly big, coming in at 9.7 inches high. Still it’s five liters of ranch, which is apparently a year’s worth.

It’s understandable to love ranch, and maybe keep a few extra bottles around, but keeping a year’s worth of it in a keg is a bit excessive. This is almost as mortifying as the ranch fountain Hidden Valley unveiled earlier this year.

The keg is $50, and does come fully stocked with the ranch, so if you think this is the thing that will liven up your next game day party, or be the perfect Christmas gift for someone, have at it you sick f*ck.

h/t mashable