Is This Scallion Pancake Burger the New Ramen Burger?


As entrepreneurs, if there is one thing we truly admire in people and products, it’s disruption and innovation — this scallion pancake burger may be one of the tastiest innovations to disrupt your taste buds yet.

Food blogger and culinary artist Dan Whalen of The Food in my Beard mixed America’s most iconic food with some all-too-recognizable Asian features — you can’t deny this fusion would be delicious.

The Ramen Burger’s got nothin’ on this.


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burger-2 (1)

You’ve got the green onion pancake, which Whalen conveniently shows how to make on his blog, that sandwiches your beef patty (make sure it’s grass-fed), sriracha caramelized onions, and shredded sharp cheddar cheese topped-off with a fried egg. This scallion pancake burger also has jalapeños thrown in for extra sweetness.

Behold the evolution of culinary greatness:



burger-3 (1)

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Originally written by Max Chang for NextShark


Somebody Made a Ramen Lobster Roll, Because Nothing Makes Sense Anymore


The ramen burger shouldn’t have worked. Same goes for ramen poutine or bacon ramen sushi rolls, and yet somehow the latter two still snaked their way into internet infamy just within the last week alone. And now we find that a ramen lobster roll recipe has existed since September of last year? It’s official, folks. There is truly no escaping the rame-fications of ramen-mania. (Not sorry.)

To construct the buttery mash-up, Taiwanese-American blogger Joy of The Cooking of Joy cooked some instant noodles with egg, let them chill in the fridge, then pan fried and molded them into a taco shape. The lobster salad consisted of a pound and half of chopped lobster meat, toasted sesame oil, and kewpie (Japanese mayonnaise).

The result? A welcome submission to the ongoing Frankenramen craze. Although, would it be too much to ask for something sweet for a change? Ramen donuts, someone make it happen.


Okay Seriously, Crispy Ramen Fry Poutine is This Year’s Ramen Burger


There’s a fine line between fusion and crazy batshit insane. As outlandish as Korean x Mexican fusion may have seemed circa 2009, it still made enough sense to enough people to make Kogi Truck a thing.

Japanese x French Canadian cuisine may not have that same luxury. But thankfully we have folks like blogger Josh Scherer of Culinary Bro-Down who really don’t care.

As Scherer puts it on his blog, Ramen Poutine was born out of the cultural similarities shared between the Japanese and French Canadian people, such as both of them liking flower symbols (cherry blossoms and fleurs-de-lys), or both of them having Pizza Huts in their country. The resulting street food blasphemy combines frozen and fried sticks of instant ramen, miso oxtail gravy, cheese curds, soft boiled eggs, scallions, and hot sauce into this year’s ramen burger. That is, a bizarre and probably delicious eastern x western mashup that’s just psycho enough to work.

Considering both ramen and poutine are infamous drunk foods in their homelands, we recommend getting sloshed before indulging. Your tastebuds, and logic, will thank you for it.

Hop over to Culinary Bro-Down for the recipe.


Ramen Burger Hits LA With Brick and Mortar Location in K-Town

Ramen Burger

The famous Ramen Burger has hit LA several times now, most recently at the DTLA Night Market, but it looks like Keizo Shimamoto is looking to make his signature creation a staple here in SoCal.

Ramen Burger LA’s new location will take over a walk-up window in K-Town currently known as Stall 239. The stall serves fusion style grub to night owls wandering the streets of LA but will serve favorites from Shimamoto’s menu, including his new Ramen Fries, during two soft opening events on July 5 (1:00PM-6:00PM) and July 13 (2:00PM-8:00PM) ahead of its August 1, 2014 official soft opening.

The location is fairly small so we’re assuming lines these next two weekends will be pretty long for the East Coast transplant. Hopefully Shimamoto gauges how to deal with the crowds before the first Ramen Burger LA location opens.

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ALERT: The Ramen Fries Are Coming


Keizo Shimamoto, creator of the famous Ramen Burger has created the only side dish worthy of being paired with his game changing burger, Ramen Fries. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, those are straight up wedges of deep fried ramen noodles topped with what looks like a secret sauce of some kind and chopped green onions.

Shimamoto is being fairly secretive about his new creation revealing only this photo on his official website and Facebook. There’s no official drop date on the Ramen Fries but Shimamoto has said fans can expect them soon at Smorgasburg, Brooklyn Flea, and Berg’n, at least when it finally opens.

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The Ramenritto Exists and it’s Everything We Ever Hoped For

Ramen burrito

Are you freaking kidding me New York? First you get the Ramen Burger and now you get dibs on the Ramenritto too? Could we maybe save some delicious mashups for the rest of the country? Dayam.

This magical hybrid of ramen and a burrito is currently available at Presstea in the West Village. Instead of just throwing some Maruchan in a dank burrito, this dish is classed up with some gourmet touches. The Ramenritto is filled with fresh ramen noodles made to order that have been prepared in a pork broth with cilantro, garlic, and house spices. Drool.

Protein wise you can choose from six hour roasted chicken, Grandma’s 12+ hour cooked pulled pork, steak, or get a mix of all three. Topping off this mashup monster is a cheddar jack cheese blend, barbeque sauce, pickled onions, corn, pickled English cucumbers (not to be confused with pickles), and fresh greens.

In case you’re trying to be carb conscious, to which I ask, why the hell are you eating a burrito stuffed with ramen, Presstea also serves up a burrito bowl, but keep in mind it’s called a Ramenritto, not a Ramenowl. Just sayin.

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Ridiculous Food Mashup Generator Helps You Invent ‘Dofurters,’ ‘Wagels’


Maybe it’s because people love portmanteaus. Maybe chefs have run out of ideas. Whatever the case, foodies everywhere continue to push the mashup trend strong, always with the same question on their wonut/ramenritto-stained lips: “so, what’s next?”

Instead of waiting for the latest trend to tell you, why not toss a couple crazy hype foods together yourself? And, thanks to Chicago Magazine, you won’t even have to worry about the name.

For reasons probably immaterial (read: just ’cause okay), Chicago Mag decided to create this entirely tongue-in-cheek and only mildly useful food combo generator to help “catapult you to Yelp-based fame and fortune.”

Just pick two foods from a list that includes bagels, burgers, cookies, macaroni, martinis, poutines, sushi, waffles, and more, and some fancy algorithms will poop out the perfect name for your invention. Hey, we’re not too far off from hamburfins (burger muffins) and ragels (ramen bagels) anyway. You might as well take the credit.


Ramen Bun Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Because Why Not?


For all their lack of structural integrity (i.e., falling apart after five bites), it’s kind of hard to believe how many burgers and sandwiches use instant ramen bricks as buns. Still, Keizo Shimamoto’s summer 2013 brainchild, much like its hybrid cousin the Cronut, continues to go strong nearly a year later, spawning breakfast knock-offs and pork belly knock-offs and now, a grilled cheese knock-off, courtesy of blogger husband Kruz of House of Yumm.

Like most ramen burger recipes, House of Yumm’s ramen buns are held together by cooking the noodles, straining them, mixing them with egg, freezing them, and then frying them. The insides (arugula, cheese, and sautéed mushrooms, because the veggies really make a difference) are added immediately after for maximum residual melt.

Oh, and Nick from Dude Foods did one too, though his is considerably more dude-friendly and lacks vegetables. Hey, at least no one’s trying to make tomato boba milk tea to go along with it.