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GMM Makes Real Life Recipe For Ralph Wiggum’s Crayon Sandwich

If you think eating crayons is a bad idea, you’re probably not wrong, but that didn’t stop the guys of Good Mythical Morning and Binging With Babish from doing it.

Yes, they created a recipe for the rejected Crayon Sandwich that young Ralph Wiggum of The Simpsons made for a bake-off in the 2004 episode titled “All’s Fair in Oven War.”

If you remember the episode, chief Clancy Wiggum tried to console his son after the sandwich was denied. Part of that consolation was a reluctant attempt at eating the sandwich.

In that same vein, Rhett, Link, along with Andrew Rea, recreated and actually ate their own version of the crayon sandwich.

They tried to add a little flavor by using butter, mayo, dijon, and even peeling the paper off the crayons, but there was absolutely nothing that was going to make this not taste like flavored wax.

This was a pretty hilarious recipe video, as Rhett and Link attempted to act as Rea’s hands, and you can imagine it being a disaster.

They did it, though. Not sure why, but they did it.