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Burger King Malaysia Does Godzilla Burgers That Probably Feel Like Eating Tiny Humans


The King of Monsters answers to no one. Still, in case you’re curious what biting into human flesh and bone might feel like, look no further than the new Godzilla-themed burgers from Burger King.

In tribute to the upcoming Godzilla film, Burger King Malaysia has unleashed a rather extensive line of “Rakasa” entrees and snacks inspired by the movie. (“Rakasa” meaning “monster,” similar to “kaiju” in Japanese, according to Brand Eating). There’s a Rakasa burger, featuring your choice of single, double, or triple stacked chicken or beef patties topped with mayo and barbecue-laden “monster” nachos. There’s a Rakasa wrap, which only offers the chicken patty, along with onions and the monster nachos. Finally, there’s the Rakasa Milo chocolate drink, a Koko Krunch cereal topped mixture of Milo chocolate powder and milk or water.


Sure the wrap and Milo might be a little too dainty for a 500-foot-tall maneater, but we imagine the layers of meat and tooth-shattering tortilla chips might be perfect fuel for your next earth-shattering romp through the city.

Picthx BK Malasyia