New Study Suggests Snacking on Raisins Helps More Efficiently Curb Hunger

A new research study funded by the California Raisin Marketing Board (yes, that exists), suggests that eating raisins as an after-school snack prevents excessive calorie intake and increases the feeling fullness, as compared to other commonly consumed snacks.

Conducted by G. Harvey Anderson, Ph.D., Professor of Nutritional Sciences and Physiology out of the University of Toronto, along with a small team of equally accredited faculty, the team had the following to say in regards to their research:

We found consumption of raisins as a snack prevented excessive calorie intake, increased the feeling of fullness, and thereby may help contribute to the maintenance of a healthy weight in school-age children.

The study was conducted among 26 normal-weight boys and girls ages 8 – 11 during a three-month period. Study participants were randomly assigned the task of eating raisins or other snacks, which included grapes, potato chips, or chocolate chip cookies until they were “comfortably full.”

Here are some of the key findings from the study:

  • Food intake following raisin consumption was lower and satiation greater compared to the
    other snacks
  • When eating raisins, children consumed significantly fewer calories when compared to the other snacks in the study
    • Grapes, potato chips and cookies resulted in ~ 56 percent, 70 percent and 108 percent higher calorie intake compared to raisins, respectively
  • Cumulative calorie intake (breakfast + morning snack + lunch + after-school snack) was
    10 percent – 19 percent lower after raisins compared to other snacks
  • Although all snacks reduced subjective appetite, desire-to-eat was lowest after consuming raisins

Considering the people funding the research — you’ll have to accept the findings knowing the California Raisin Marketing Board has an obvious obligation to get you to eat more raisins, but that doesn’t discredit the research efforts put forth by the small team of professors.

Conclusions? Eating raisins has more of a chance of making you full — apparently — than grapes, potato chips, or chocolate chip cookies. Subsequently, the amount of calories consumed following raisin ingestion was lower compared to other snacks.

Anyone  eat raisins, or have suggestions on healthy alternative snack foods to curb hunger? Speak on it!