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A Restaurant For Nude People And Colorful Rainbow Pizza [THE KATCHUP]

If I’ve learned one thing from The Katchup, it’s that “crazy” and “food” go together like Bey and Jay. Oh, wait…

A young boy began selling lemonade in order to pay for his own adoption. Direct hit to the feels, am I right or am I right? Beyonce’s Beyhive (aka biggest fans) went into full attack mode on celebrity chef Rachael Ray after mistaking her for the woman Jay-Z is accused of having an affair with, American fashion designer Rachel Roy.

If you ever want the government to seize your Venmo funds, just write “ISIS” in the memo. One dude learned that the hard way. A new restaurant in London will cater to nude people in order to create a “natural” eating environment. Sounds like a waste of a lot of good chairs to me. Finally, somebody went out and made rainbow-colored pizza, because why the f*** not?

I hope you brought some hot dogs, because we’ve got…



The Rainbow Pizza Is The Most Magical Pizza There Is

Previously, Amy of Oh, Bite It has shown us how to make deep fried tequila shotsramen chicken nuggetsgrilled cheese crusted pizzadeep fried srirachapizza tacos and so much more. Now she’s given us a recipe for rainbow pizza. This is a definite win-win all the way around crowd pleaser. Everyone loves rainbows and everyone loves pizza. Anyone who says otherwise IS A LIAR!!!!!1 Sorry for yelling, but you know it’s true.



Written by Brittany High, IncredibleThings


West Coast Gets Rainbow Bagels And Here’s Where To Find Them


New York bagel spot, The Bagel Store, has become the spot to hit after they announced the addition of a Rainbow Bagel.

While some are more than happy to hop on a plane to try this multi-colored novelty, others can probably hold off a bit until a similar version comes out in the West Coast.

Guess the wait’s over.

Southern California-based bagel shop, Bagels and Brew, has launched their own version of the rainbow bagel. While it’s set to make it’s debut Saturday, March 19, foodie DailyFoodFeed has already posted a preview of the upcoming item.

Can’t wait to snap some sexy pics of that thing. Bagels and Brew has three locations in SoCal: Lake Forest, Aliso Viejo and Mission Viejo.


Rainbow Ice Pop


Recipe: Eugenie Kitchen


This Rainbow Dildo Popsicle ‘Explodes’ in Your Mouth


You could argue that all popsicles are at least a little bit phallic, but this one’s also got an exploding tip, so that’s fun.

For the past few days, the new X-Pop popsicle from Swedish ice cream company GB Glace has both amused and shocked netizens for its remarkable resemblance to an STD-ridden penis — its yellow, pink, and red shaft tapering up into a bumpy, pink, and cream-filled tip.

Reads the pop’s description by LGBT-friendly blog Queerty:

“It’s shaped like a rocket. You put it in your mouth and, after a few minutes of sucking, something creamy oozes out from the center. Sound familiar?”


According to the Daily Dot, GB Glace has repeatedly stated it sees no similarity between its sherbet-flavored treat and the male organ of love, but that hasn’t stopped folks from snickering in immature delight over Facebook and Instagram. As for us, we’ll just keep our minds happily planted in the gutter.

PicThx Daily Dot


Life-Sized Unicorn Cake


via Miss Cakehead


Smoke the Rainbow: Proof that Skittles’ Twitter Team is Perpetually High

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always thought of Skittles as rather innocuous – not my favorite candy, but if you offered me some, for sure I’d be stealing all the reds.

That is, I did, until I discovered that Mashable discovered that Redditors discovered its twitter page.


This is What a Bacon Rainbow Looks Like

I think it’s safe to say that if the Double Rainbow Guy had seen this, he might have had an actual out of body experience.

Colored bacon is such a simple, eloquent idea, we should all be ashamed that it was graphic designer Neil Caldwell, and not the average bacon consumer, who had to come up with this first.

Apparently, you get some food dye, water, and foresight (if you want your bacon, as most of us do, RIGHT NOW, this won’t work–you need 24 hours of color-bath time), and voila: A beautiful breakfast.

In the meantime, you can ponder all the wonderful applications of a bacon rainbow. Just remember, Lady Gaga already has the monopoly on wearing meat.


Via Bacon Today