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Competitive Eater Destroys 10 Pounds Of Pasta During Olive Garden’s PASTA PASS Season

Olive Garden’s Pasta Pass has officially launched and those lucky enough to get their hands on the elusive card will now be able to test the limits of their stomachs. There’s always been a question in the back of my mind every time this season comes around as to how many bowls of pasta someone could actually eat before throwing in the towel?

To answer this burning question, we brought in competitive eater Raina Huang to test a human’s limits on these Never-Ending Pasta Bowls. For science, obviously.

In the short time she’s been in the professional eating scene, Raina’s accomplishments have been pretty sizable. She’s eaten the entire Panda Express menu in a single sitting and even set a world record for devouring a 50×50 In-N-Out Burger in less than an hour.

Here’s what you need to know before trying this at home:

Here’s how Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta works. Guests with the pass get access to unlimited pasta, soup or salad, and breadsticks at any Olive Garden location. You can mix and match your pasta with different sauces and toppings with more than 100 different combinations to play with.

Now, Olive Garden usually serves you a sizable bowl as your meal begins and the following servings come in smaller portions after you finish your previous order. The restaurant was kind enough to serve us as many bowls of pasta as we wanted all at once, however,  just to see how many Raina would be able to wolf down in a single sitting.

Raina explained to us that for starch-heavy dishes, time is crucial. Once a starchy dish, like pasta, is in your stomach, it will expand in size making you full quickly over time. Because of this, she gives herself about a 20-minute window for which she eats her food before her body tells her to stop.

We asked the Olive Garden what the previous pasta-eating record was for that specific location and they told us that someone once accomplished 12 bowls during a visit. Not one to back down from a challenge, Raina took a seat and the pasta challenge was in motion.

You can see how it all goes down during our livestream below:

Over ten and a half pounds of pasta were sitting in her stomach by the end of the challenge. We even caught Raina sneaking a couple breadsticks after all was said and done.

For someone to eat 13 bowls of pasta in 25 minutes is surely a feat that will ring through the halls of the restaurant for years to come. Or at least until Raina’s next visit there.

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A Female Competitive Eater Just Beat Matt Stonie’s Nearly Impossible Pocky Eating Challenge

Competitive eater Raina Huang has been making a huge name for herself this year. She’s set the world record for the biggest In-N-Out burger consumed and cleaned out Panda Express’ entire menu in 45 minutes. Her most recent feat, though, pitted her against fellow eater Matt Stonie, and she managed to eclipse his mark in a nearly impossible Pocky eating challenge.

Stonie’s initial challenge, which has garnered a whopping 8 million views since it was posted, involved him attempting to take down 1600 pieces of Pocky in as little time as possible. Unfortunately, he fell short, leaving several hundred pieces of the chocolate-covered snacks behind and throwing in the towel at around the 49 minute mark. He still ate at least over 1,000 Pocky, which is an impressive feat in and of itself.

Huang’s counterchallenge was slightly less in terms of quantity, as she only opted for 1,512 Pocky to stop with. However, she managed to take down the entire batch, finishing just a minute after Stonie gave up.

There were a few different strategies that Huang employed that may have given her a slight edge. She opted for a mix of both strawberry and chocolate Pocky, which meant she had a mix of flavors to draw from while she was eating. Stonie also went for milk and water during his challenge, while Huang only utilized bottles of water to help get her food down.

Regardless, Huang’s feat shows that she can match some of the world’s best when it comes to the space of competitive eating. We’ll have to see if Stonie eventually chooses to go for it and try to break her mark.

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This 10-Pound Poke Bowl Challenge Is Almost Impossible To Defeat

There are some truly daunting food challenges out there, like the ferocious 10-pound OMG Burger or the One Chip Challenge straight from hell. This 10-pound poke bowl belongs amongst these behemoths as one of the toughest to finish out there.

Located at Poke Paradise in San Jose, CA, this gargantuan bowl of fresh fish could sink even the formidable Kraken.

What makes it so intimidating is the rice, which comes in the form of 10 heaping shovelfuls that take up the majority of this challenge. From there, you get 10 scoops of your choice of protein, plus any toppings and sauces you’d like to add on. Even if you can stomach all that you still about an entire rice cooker of starch to devour afterward.

It makes sense that Poke Paradise’s challenge has a win-loss record even Mike Tyson would be impressed with. Since its debut in April 2017, a massive handful of challengers have attempted to conquer it. Only two have emerged victorious, and both were competitive eaters. Eating phenom Joey Chestnut completed the challenge in about 15 minutes, while Raina Huang, the eater who also cleaned out Panda Express’ entire menu, accomplished it in 26 minutes.

You can view Raina’s full attempt at the Poke Paradise 10-pound poke bowl challenge below:

While the challenge is tough, the risk is well worth the reward. Defeat sets you back $60 (the cost of the bowl), while victory earns you $100 in cash, a spot in their hall of fame, and the empty bowl you vanquished.

Oh, and the meal is on the house if you win.

If you think you can be the third person to ever finish this 10-pound poke bowl, Poke Paradise is ready for your call. It does take 20 minutes to prepare, and the restaurant prefers if you call a couple of hours ahead so they have time to get things set up.

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Watch A Record-Holding Competitive Eater Take On This 10-Pound OMG Burger Challenge

The Catch in Anaheim, California is home to one of the most daunting food challenges out there: The OMG Burger Challenge. For the past 9 years, someone comes in about every two weeks to try and take down this ten-pound burger in an hour. Only one has ever succeeded, but record-holding competitive eater Raina Huang looked to change that with her recent attempt.

omg burger challenge

Huang took on the OMG Burger Challenge on a recent Foodbeast livestream. She’s no stranger to giant food, as she holds the current world record for the largest In-N-Out burger (a 50×50) and cleaned out the entire Panda Express menu in 45 minutes. Still, her biggest worry going into The Catch was that she wouldn’t be able to finish.

That’s because the OMG Burger is a beastly foe, packing a host of ingredients into its heft. It’s got a 5-pound beef patty, 3 whole onions, 4 tomatoes, 5 large pickles, plenty of cheese and dressing, and a heap of lettuce. Oh, and that’s all crammed into a 12-inch bun that’s seemingly more foam pillow than it is bread.

While you don’t have to finish them, there’s also a pickle and mini slider on top to garnish the burger alongside a MASSIVE moat of fries (also optional). Combined, everything weighed just over 16 pounds.

In terms of what’s at stake, not finishing the burger sets you back a solid $80. But winning gets you immortalized in the restaurant’s “OMG Champions” wall of fame and a $500 cash prize, so the reward is well worth the risk here.

The rules are pretty strict, though. Apart from the one-hour time limit, you’re not allowed any bathroom breaks, and the burger can’t be dipped in water or anything else to make it easier. There’s also a waiver that Raina had to sign before attempting the OMG.

Huang was up for the challenge, of course, and gave an effort that one of the hostesses said was the best she’s ever seen.

To view her full attempt, check out the livestream below:

Her strategy was to attack the meat patty first, and devoured it and most of the veggies in the first half of the challenge. However, the density, acidity, and flavor of the bread put Huang off, creating a struggle for her to get through. When time expired, Raina was left with about a third of the loaf and a spot amongst the many who had failed to conquer the burger.

Still, her shot at the OMG Burger Challenge was one of the most impressive to date. A hostess mentioned to Foodbeast that the closest anyone else had gotten that she had seen was to the two buns, and Huang went well past that mark.

Photos by Constantine Spyrou // Foodbeast.
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Watch This Record-Breaking Competitive Eater Down The Entire Panda Express Menu In One Sitting

When I hit up Panda Express for a quick meal, a regular 2-item plate tends to fill me for the rest of the day. With that in mind, watching competitive eater Raina crush the entire Panda Express menu in just 45 minutes was absolutely mind-boggling.

Raina went with Foodbeasts Marc and Elie to Panda Express to attempt the challenge on Going In, Foodbeast’s new YouTube and Facebook Watch show. Elie and Marc got their own, more manageable meals, while Raina casually ordered everything, totalling over two trays’ worth of food. For those wondering, here is Raina’s complete order:

Sides: 1 large Chow Mein, 1 large Fried Rice

Entrees (all in small sizes):  Beijing Beef, Shanghai Angus Steak, String Bean Chicken, Honey Walnut Shrimp, Eggplant Tofu, 8 Treasure Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, Orange Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken, Sweetfire Chicken Breast, Broccoli Beef, Mushroom Chicken, and Black Pepper Chicken

Appetizers (small order of each): Chicken Egg Rolls, Spring Rolls, Cream Cheese Rangoons

The final price of all of that food was at least $75 (it came out to just under $100 factoring in Elie and Marc’s orders). In terms of nutrition, Raina consumed a staggering 4,500 calories (not factoring in the drink). That means she ate enough to feed 2 people for an entire day in 45 minutes.

For proof of time, peep Raina’s full video of the challenge below:

What’s even crazier about Raina’s feat is that technically, this wasn’t a speedrun attempt, but a mukbang video. Throughout the entire 45 minutes, Elie and Marc were interviewing her, with topics ranging from her In-N-Out world record to chugging a gallon of water every night. Without all of those distractions going on, it’s safe to say she could’ve finished the whole Panda Express menu in an even shorter time than that.

Once the challenge was all wrapped up, Raina also ordered some takeout for the road, so she had plenty of room in her belly for another go-around. How she manages to stuff all that food in there, I will never know.

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11 Humans with Mythical Eating Capabilities

You assumedly eat like everyone else. You do, say, three full meals a day, maybe five smaller snack-meals, and your stomach appreciates your considerate attitude of moderation. But not everyone is like us, peacefully dining at a leisurely pace, savoring flavor profiles and offering conversation. Instead, there are those out in the world who eat like gods and goddesses, consuming calories at a baffling rate.

They’re competitive eaters and each of them apparently have a stomach akin to a seemingly bottomless stash of space to fill with food. They see those insane gimmicky food challenges at restaurants as training exercises, while people like us scoff at the sign and ask our fellow diners who could ever possibly do that. Well, the people on this list can.

Competitive eaters scarf down your summer quota of hot dogs in just minutes and we can’t stop being blown away by their abilities. Let us celebrate those who could vanquish a buffet if they so desired. Here a few competitive eaters that chow down on more food than we could ever dream of doing!

Pete Czerwinski

Pete “Furious Pete” Czerwinski has beaten an eating disorder as well as cancer (twice), so he comes with quite the rep. He’s also gained millions of YouTube subscribers that have watched him consume large amounts of, well, anything. He’s on video downing absurd amounts of whatever, from four sticks of butter to seven pounds of pulled pork. 

Miki Sudo

Among her plentiful and very impressive competitive eating victories, Miki Sudo has most notably placed 1st in the women’s category of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017— downing 41 hot dogs the last time. The fact that her accomplishments are a laundry list of eating conquests should cement her place on this list. In one of Sudo’s own YouTube clips, we see her put down an 8 lb burger challenge with casual finesse.


Crazy Legs Conti

Crazy Legs Conti has done everything from eat his way out of a “popcorn sarcophagus” to winning the Big Easy Eat-Off with 168 oysters on the half shell to 3.5 pounds of sourdough pancakes and six pieces of bacon for the Hibernation Cup. There’s even a documentary about the guy, Crazy Legs Conti: Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating. Until you see that, though, check out this video about the food machine from Great Big Story.

Yasir Salem

Given that he’s the defending champion of the Tour de Donut bicycle races, in multiple states no less, Yasir Salem should have your attention. He’s the “World’s #1 Speed Eater Ultra-Athlete,” meaning the man can eat 47 ears of corn in 12 minutes as well as compete in marathons and Ironman competitions. To get inside the beastly eater’s mentality and approach, watch this video from Barcroft TV.

Hall Hunt

Hall “Hoover” Hunt is a member of MENSA and can chow down 23 grilled cheese sandwiches in ten minutes. The dude has a civil engineering background and he comes at competitive eating with an academic mindset. It pays off, clearly. Thankfully, you can scope him out in full glory putting away sweet corn like nobody’s business, thanks to this video from Major League Eating.

Molly Schuyler

In 2016, Molly Schulyer set the record at the annual Hwy 55 World Hamburger Eating Competition. In 2017, she beat her own record by downing seven stacked Hwy 55 burgers, a side of fries, and a 20 oz. drink, all in one minute and 37 seconds. To clarify, this is the #1 Female Independent Competitive Eater in the World that we’re talking about. She holds a staggering number of records across the country and shows no signs of slowing down. YouTuber Derek Farley has a video of Schuyler devouring a meal in a competition like she was a robot programmed for it.

Takeru Kobayashi

It’s impossible to talk about Takeru Kobayashi without noting that he changed Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in 2001 — and arguably all of competitive eating. Before that year, the record was 25 hot dogs and a bite or two into the 26th. Then, Kobayashi arrived and the record was suddenly 50. The Oregonian has a video of the dude waging war on two pizzas in two minutes before a PSU football game. Legend status, really.


Carmen Cincotti

Carmen Cincotti has an unbelievable résumé. He can eat 49 cheeseburgers in ten minutes, two gallons of chili in six minutes, and 170 peeps in five minutes. He’s currently the #2 competitive eater in the world and his YouTube channel is definitive proof why.

Bob Shoudt

At the 2017 Wing Bowl in Philadelphia, Bob “Notorious B.O.B.” Shoudt went insane — on finger-licking finger foods. Seriously, the man scarfed down 409 chicken wings like a boss. Wilder still, Shoudt is the oldest contestant to win the deal in its 25 years of existence.

Eric Booker

The way people speak of Eric “Badlands” Booker,” you’d think he was a one-man burrito hit squad. Although he rages in all kinds of eating competitions, it’s his ability to do things like consume 15 burritos in eight minutes that make people think he’s not mortal. And then doing things like scarfing a five-pound “Burritozilla” at a challenge in San Jose’s Iguanas restaurant only furthers the legend. In fact, YouTuber Cameron McKirdy has a video of it, for skeptics and curious ones alike.


Raina Huang

Even though she’s relatively new to the sport, Raina Huang can absolutely dominate. Huang proved as much when she oolly breezed through the In-N-Out 50×50 Challenge, which consists of an In-N-Out burger boasting 50 beef patties. Watch her dominate and set a new world record in Foodbeast’s YouTube video of the momentous occasion. A few weeks before that, she won the Pabst Blue Ribbon Pizza Eating Challenge at Oozefest with 16 slices in 10 minutes. Huang keeps her body fit and ready for food with lots of cardio exercises and a drinking a gallon of water every single day in less than five minutes.

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Novice Female Competitive Eater Takes On In-N-Out 50×50 Challenge Like A Pro

It’s no secret the world of competitive eating has been dominated by male competitors for years. While female juggarnauts like Miki Sudo and Sonya Thomas are ranked within Major League Eating’s top 10, there are only 13 female competitors in MLE’s Top 50.

However, that will soon change, as a new and unknown female competitor is calmly eating her way through massive eating challenges on YouTube, and is set on breathing new life into the role of women in the realm of competitive eating.

Her name is Raina Huang, and she’s hungry. To demonstrate her talents, Huang recently completed the In-N-Out 50×50 Challenge — in less than 40 minutes.

On November 2, more than 80,000 people tuned-in on FOODBEAST’s Facebook page to witness history via livestream.

A few weeks ago, Huang created a name for herself by dominating the competition during the Pabst Blue Ribbon Pizza Eating Challenge at Oozefest 3. There Huang ate 16 slices of pizza in 10-minutes to take the W.

For the most part, Raina Huang, a resident of Walnut, Calif., is an unknown. She recently started a YouTube channel to showcase herself casually eating her way through massive 8-pound burritos and 6.5-pound sushi challenges. Her modest demeanor and shy persona are slightly deceiving characteristics, but once she starts eating — it’s all business.

In order to prepare her body for these challenges, Huang claims her training consists of lots of cardio, and says she also drinks a gallon of water, everyday, in less than five minutes.

It’s quite a sight to witness this miraculously gluttonous task in person. In total, the 50×50 challenge took the novice competitive eater less than 40-minutes to not just complete, but dominate.

Photo/Evan Lancaster

However, this 50×50 In-N-Out Challenge isn’t a first. In 2016, well-known professional eater Naader “Freak Eating” Reda attempted the challenge live on a FOODBEAST livestream, but came up short, consuming a respectable and then world record, 40 patties.

For Huang’s effort, she started off quickly, devouring multiple patties at a time. Unlike her counter-part Freak Eating, she didn’t use any sauce or ketchup. From sitting, standing, and even jumping at times, Huang was determined to break Freak Eating’s 40×40 record.

In the midst of the insane gastrointestinal task at hand, and another story for another time, is the fact that before now, ordering an In-N-Out’s 50×50 has proved near impossible.

On November 2, FOODBEAST proved that Southern California’s most well-known burger chain is capable of churning out a 50×50 upon request.

While a $63 In-N-Out 50×50 is impressive on its own, what’s more impressive is watching YouTuber Raina Huang set a world record by eating THE ENTIRE THING.

Huang’s tactic of going condiment-free might have been the smartest move. Freak Eating continuously dunked his portions into ketchup, but he had to tap out at 40.

However, as Huang mowed through the majority of the burger, she began to complain about the saltiness. Perhaps Freak Eating’s ketchup tactic backfired, adding more sodium to the equation, draining his mouth of much needed saliva to help break down massive amounts of meat.

Either way, it’s safe to say that there have been some long-standing heavyweights in the competitive eating world. Now, the industry should be ready to add Huang’s name to the ranks of household names like Joey Chestnutt, Matt Stonie, and Naader “Freak Eating” Reda.

It’s not everyday someone becomes the world record holder for eating a In-N-Out 50×50, so someone better call The Guinness Book of World Records, because Huang deserves a trophy.