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This Bar Makes New Hires Chug A Fishy Crawfish-Filled Shot

Alcohol with your seafood meal sounds like a good time, but seafood inside your alcohol? That’s a big, fat ‘nope’.

In search for the worst shots that bartenders serve up to crush people’s souls, our team came across the “Crawfish Revenge” served at the Ragin’ Cajun Cafe in Redondo Beach, CA.

The shot consists of one part Stroh Rum, one part moonshine, one part dirty tequila, and of course, a piece of crawfish meat.

This shot is actually used as part of the initiation process for new hires at Ragin’ Cajun. Yup, congratulations on your new job. Now chug this destructive drink. While its origins came from a Vegas bar, Ragin Cajun’s owner decided it’d be great to take this fishy mix to California.


As you can imagine, it’s pretty terrible. Our own Rudy Chaney said, “This one was just downright fucking sadistic. This is the shot of a psychopath.”

So Rude wasn’t a fan, and Sean threatened to quit the series.

If you’re a fan of seafood, with a touch of torture, this will be your jam.



Port of Los Angeles Lobsterfest Recap

Over the weekend we attended the 13th Annual Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival, and boy were there A LOT of lobster heads walking around. This was a nice event to bring the whole family. There were carnival rides and pirate shows for the kids and lots of beer on tap for the adults.

The crowd was really there for the “fair” food. The constant smell of fresh kettle korn and funnel cake was really pumping up everyone’s appetite.

This is long tent where you get your genuine Maine lobster meal. We had a first class pass that let us go to the front of the line to get ours, but the real line wasn’t that bad and totally worth the 4-5 minute wait.

So here’s what you get for $19 bucks: a 1.25 lbs Maine lobster, bread, cole slaw, cajun potatoes, a huge chunk of watermelon, with butter and lemon wedges. The lobster was definitely the star of the meal as it should be. It was the perfect size for one person and definitely tasted sweet like fresh seafood. There was no fishy smell at all. Although, we were kind of turned off by the prepackaged bread, cole slaw, and butter dipping sauce, the huge fresh slices of watermelon made up for it. Also a thumbs up to Lobsterfest for having staff on hand to cut up the lobster so you don’t need any tools other than your heads.

But if you’re not feeling lobster, Nom Nom truck was there serving up some delicious Vietnamese style sandwiches. You can’t help but notice this cute truck and wonder if you’re still hungry.

As seen on Food Network’s “Amazing Truck Race,” Ragin Cagun was there too and serving up some more of their Southern Style seafood.

We weren’t that hungry after our meal, but we saw the Coolhaus truck and couldn’t resist getting one of their fancy ice cream sandwiches. There were a lot of ice cream and cookie combinations to choose from such as snickerdoodle cookies with sea salt caramel ice cream or red velvet cookies with tahitian vanilla ice cream, but we had our stomaches set on the brown butter bacon ice cream with chocolate chip cookies. Can’t go wrong bacon!

After all that food, we had some itis and it was definitely time to relax and enjoy the shows on the nice and cool lawn.

Overall, this was a great event. Definitely worth checking out, even for a fun outing if not for the lobster.