Attack of the 4 Fast Food Kings: Rad Omen – “Rad Anthem”

Before you watch this video, just know that it is probably NSFW. One of my favorite DJ’s; Troublemaker, and Rad Omen released this song aptly titled “Rad Anthem” and Rad it is. Watch as The King, Ronald, The Colonel, and Jack party it up and terrorize the city. (Thx Radomen)


Hot Chick Hotdog Tattoo

Why can’t I hang out with girls that like to shoot ketchup and mustard all over themselves. I really need to make better choices about who I’m hanging out with. This is a rad tattoo mixing the love of food and women into one epic masterpiece!


The All-Too-Typical Customer

I have these rad little calendar pads on my desk, and I never tear them off. So they get backdated months at a time; today I changed that. I came across this one and thought it was classic. If you have ever worked at a restaurant or any retail spot you can probably reference some kind of story to this. Don’t be that person, Don’t be a FOOD douche.