Dude Unwittingly Fuels A Stereotype After Buying A Craft Brewery Shirt

It’s always best to check and double check all of your items when shopping, just to make sure you didn’t pick up the wrong thing, something I’ve done multiple times. That’s one lesson Reddit user HoustonUA6 learned in quite possibly the funniest way one could.

According to the Reddit page, HoustonUA6 was out shopping when he saw a shirt that he liked. Evidently, he saw the “Red” and the “White” part and assumed the third word was “Blue.” Without unfolding the shirt and getting a visual confirmation, he grabbed his size and headed out. It was only when he got home that he had realized the hilarious mistake he made.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 2.55.44 PM

Instead of buying a shirt that said “Red White + Blue,” he bought a shirt praising American craft breweries that read, “Red White + Brew.”

For those who don’t know, there is a stereotype that purports that Asian people commonly confuse the pronunciations for the letters “l” and “r.” HoustonUA6 already knows about this stereotype, but that didn’t stop him from still having fun with his little blunder.

“You know how when you buy a shirt and it’s typically folded? I should have unfolded it. Being Asian does not herp,’ said HoustonUA6.

All things considered, many Redditors agreed that he was lucky the shirt just said “Brew,” as it could have said much worse things.

One user surmised that it could have said, “RED WHITE + FUCK YOU,” while another thought that, “RED WHITE + HITLER DID NOTHING WRONG,’ would be worse still. Somehow, both users were right.



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Woman At Applebees Gets Cracked Across The Face With Glass Mug For Speaking Another Language

One of my favorite run-of-the-mill restaurants on Earth is Applebee’s, so hearing that a racist Caucasian woman attacked another woman with a beer mug just because she was different kind of scares the shit out of this Egyptian-American food lover.

Asma Jama, who moved to Minnesota from Kenya in 2000, was sitting at a table with her family in Applebee’s minding her own business, when Jodie Burchard-Risch, 43, and her husband began harassing her about speaking Swahili with her cousins and nieces.

“Go home,” said Risch to the family, according to Jama. “When you’re in America you should speak English.”

“I’m home,” Jama calmly responded to the couple. “I can speak English, but we choose to speak whatever language we want.”

Risch then suddenly responds by Chris Brown-ing Jama in the face with a glass beer mug. The attack left Jama with cuts along her eyelid and nose, along with an incredibly grisly gash on her bottom lip that required 17 stitches.

Risch was then forcefully removed from the restaurant and was subsequently arrested and charged with third-degree assault, however prosecutors will be looking to pile on additional charges in light of how racially loaded the attack was.

I’d be upset too if that ugly mug was attached to my head.

Looks like Applebee’s is no longer safe for potential victims of racism. Does anyone know where the nearest TGI Friday’s is?

Image Sources: Bring Me The News, Kare 11, Happy Customers Review


Rejected Languages For Coke’s ‘Un-American’ Super Bowl Ad’


Last weekend, we were given yet another reason to lose faith in humanity, courtesy of the internet’s reaction to Coca-Cola’s should-not-have-been-controversial-but-sadly-somehow-became-so Super Bowl ad. The commercial, which overlaid a montage of American landscapes with a multilingual medley of “America the Beautiful”, spawned all sorts of outrage from angry viewers, who proceeded to call Coke “terrorist” and “communist.”

In case you didn’t get it the first time, YouTube comedy group Garlic Jackson Comedy has now created a parody version to really hit home just how absolutely ridiculous the whole fiasco really was. Their version features all the languages that didn’t make the commercial’s final cut, including dolphin, “Charlie Brown Adults,” and the fake sign language from Nelson Mandela’s funeral, as well as renames English into “Good Ol’ American.”

Check out the ad below:

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Holocaust Beer Pong Exists — Yes, Really


A picture showed up on reddit yesterday that looks awfully familiar, and not just because it’s a repost. Here’s a hint: it pits Nazis vs. Jews in a violent free for all in which Jews are at a clear disadvantage and even the winners end up losing in one way or another.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Holocaust-Themed Beer Pong is an actual thing, and not only that, it’s apparently pretty popular.

For anyone who doesn’t feel like squinting, here are the rules: 

Its called Jews vs the Nazis. Its 3-on-3, 30 cups per team. The Nazis shape their 30 cups into a swastika, and the Jews set up their 30 cups as the Star of David. The cups are re-racked to a smaller swastika and a smaller star when 18 cups remain on either team. The Nazis start the game off with ‘blitzkreig,’ and each player on the Nazis shoots until they miss, but this is only allowed for the first volley. The Jews have the ‘Anne Frank Cup,’ and this ability allows them to pick any one of their cups and hide it anywhere in the room, but it has to be shootable, obviously. The Jews can only do that once per game and can be used only during their turn. To equalize this slight advantage, the Nazis also have another ability called ‘Auschwitz’ (or ‘Concentration Camp’ if you don’t know what that means). With this ability the Nazis can pick any player on the Jews team and they have to sit out of the game until the other two players on the Jews team each make a cup. After that happens the 3rd person on the Jews team can play again. Also, throughout the game you are supposed to talk alot of shit and say as many racist things as possible to make it more enjoyable.

My Jewish friends actually love this game haha.

Comments on the reddit thread have been either brilliantly farcical or overwhelmingly positive, with some redditors even offering their own twists on the game, including something called “Vietnam War.” 

‘Anne frank cup’ yeah that’s when i started laughing”




Now do one for the pacific theater. I’m not sure how the basic rules would work, but it should be played in a pool, and at the end the American side gets to throw a bowling ball (or two) at the Japanese side.”


Did you just say ALCOHOLOCAUST!?”



High-larious genocide puns aside however, we wanted to ask what you guys thought of this whole thing. Harmlessly historical, or horribly inappropriate? Sound off in the comments!

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Quaker Brand Cereal “life”, Racist?

Observe the two boxes above. While the side-by-side comparison was most likely pieced together to induce a few laughs (with the child in the middle screaming, they definitely did), but it does indeed also create a point of discussion of branding tactics on behalf o the Quaker and life brands.