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Starbucks Is Testing A Brunch Menu

If you’re one who spends all their time at a Starbucks, news of a brunch menu might be music to your ears. According to Starbucks Melody, the coffee chain is testing a “Weekend Brunch” in the greater Portland and Seattle areas.

Brunch items include baked French toast, Belgian waffles, and quiche. If you’re already tired of Starbucks’ pastry rotation, the new menu might be a welcome change.

Starbucks Melody confirmed that the locations testing are the:

Hopefully the Weekend Brunch will make a national release. There are only so many bagels and scones a guy can eat while he checks his work emails.

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Step Up Your Dorm Cooking Skills With These 5 Hacks

If you’re in college, you’re a long way off from being a charming fella who knows your whiskies and grills steaks for the family while chatting up your wife’s friend’s husband about politics. You’re also a long way off from being a dazzling lady who earns a reputation for a dish “that’s just to die for” at a dinner party, where you explain to a fascinated table of friends how you’re restoring a classic car in your spare time.

See, you’ve got time to get classy with cooking. But, in college, all rules, bets, and expectations are off. If you can give anything the ol’ college try, go for it. Because in college, the weirder, the cheaper, the better.

Here’s some college cooking hacks that take so little and deliver so good.



Use your coffee pot as a rice cooker (yes, f’real) by pouring the uncooked rice in the pot, adding water to the machine accordingly, and hitting brew. From there, once all the water’s in the pot, keep cooking for another ten minutes. You’ll debate buying a real rice cooker for the rest for your life.



Whisk eggs with just a splash of milk in a mug. Add cheese, some vegetables, maybe some salt and pepper, whatever you want, and cook it in the microwave for a minute or so. Slide onto a plate if you’re trying to impress someone, or barge it in said mug if you’ve got an entire season of something to watch alone on Netflix.

French Toast


Batter up your bread until it’s covered in gooey goodness and wrap it in foil to then heat with an iron. Anyone staying over is going to try and marry you. Plan your canned response ahead of time, because this will likely happen every time. You’re the closest thing they know to a wizard.

Taco Salad

taco salad

Take a bag of tortilla chips (or Fritos or Doritos, if you’re really going for it) and — I kid you not — dump in all the goodies you’re going to want to slamdance in your mouth. We’re talking beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapenos, hot sauce, all the goods. Shake it up, grab a fork, and celebrate your new life as a master chef. Also, you can carry that with you, just in case you want to show off the madcap genius.



There’s a fork in this road, and it’s just up to you to take the one that meets your preference. Either wrap your sandwich in foil and use a clothing iron to heat it or grill it in an adorably tiny frying pan on your coffee maker’s burner. No points off either way. Both will make for good stories down the road, which, again, is long before you become the celebrated chef you’re destined to be.


This quiche is wrapped in bacon!


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Fried Garlic, Spinach and Goat Cheese Quiche

Very few readily available flavors come out as poignant as fried garlic. Keeping this in mind, our friend Gaby has taken to the kitchen with 6 large eggs, nutmeg, fresh spinach, Goat Cheese, Garlic and Olive oil and come out with a dish ready to take your Sunday morning family breakfasts to another level. Best part about it, it looks like you can get these Fried Garlic, Spinach and Goat Cheese Quiches out the oven door in under 30 minutes! Eat that Rachel Ray. (Recipe @ WhatsGabyCooking)



Smoked Salmon & Caramelized Onion Quiche

Utilizing smoked fish, sweet caramelized onions, silky custard, chives and an immaculate and flaky pastry, brunch simply doesn’t get much better. I’d love to delve into a slice of this with a fresh glass of cold orange juice. You with me!? (Recipe @ ShockinglyDelicious)



Pic of the Day: Breakfast Cake

These types of cakes always intrigue me, because you look at it and the first thing that comes to mind is “sweet”, but that’s the last thing that will be coming to mouth. This breakfast cake utilizes two layers of egg, then it’s intermingled with sausage, bacon, cheese quiche and country gravy to connect the layers. The entire structure is coated with country gravy icing and garnished with bacon bits. Hungry yet? (Thx Gabriel)

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Recipe: TC90 Breakfast Scramble

So, I have been doing 7am workouts, and trust me it’s hard. I usually go to sleep at 4-5am. and get up around 1-2pm. Flipping my sleepy habits definitely made me hungry, and after reading as many food blogs as I do on the daily, making a breakfast scramble was a must. I put together all the necessary ingredients (or atleast what was in my fridge) and made what I will call the TC90 Breakfast Scramble. Check out how to make this, and all the pictures after the jump!


Pic of the Day: Egg Scramble Quiche

This is getting made as soon as possible! (Thx Pioneer Woman)