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Buffet Owner Answers All The Buffet Questions Folks Have Been Dying To Ask

The majority of us have visited a buffet at some point in our lives. As soon we’re seated, we sprint to the smorgasbord and pile our plates with mounds and mounds of food. Sitting there, shoveling food into our mouths, a bevy of buffet questions come to mind.

What’s the best thing to get? Is the seafood really fresh? Why are the desserts so tiny?

In a recent Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session, an owner operator of a large independent all-you-can-eat concept in the United States answered a ton of questions the Internet had been dying to know about the buffet industry.

Some of the questions include topics such as foods to avoid, nightmarish customers, and what happens to leftovers after the doors close for the evening.

Check out some of the highlights from the session below. Perhaps you’ll find your own buffet questions answered.

buffet questions

Man, makes me rethink my entire buffet-eating strategy.


12 Ridiculous Burger-Grilling Questions You Were Too Afraid To Ask


Last Memorial Day, Red Robin launched the Yummm Hotline to help anyone and everyone with their burger-grilling needs. Between having family over for the holidays and stressing over the last-minute barbecue planning, sometimes you just need a little help remembering how to grill a burger.

As soon as we heard they were opening up the lines to burger cooks in need of advice, we had to ask them what some of the silliest questions they got were.

Check out the top questions and the burger experts’ answers to them. I definitely learned a few things about working the grill.


My uncle is hungry, how long does it take to cook a quarter-pound burger?


Cooking times vary depending on how you want your burger and the size of the burger, but whether third-pound, quarter-pound or half-pound burgers, we recommend cooking burgers until their internal temperature reaches 165°F for medium doneness.

My guests are vegetarians, can I grill veggie burgers on the same grill as beef burgers?


We let the concerned caller know that while it is okay for the veggie and beef burgers to be on the grill at the same time, they may want to use separate sides of the grill or cook the veggie burgers before the beef patties hit the grill.

I have a hard time telling the difference between sugar and salt and accidentally seasoned my burgers with the sweet stuff, what can I do to balance them out?


Everyone makes mistakes and we reassured the caller by suggesting toppings like grilled or caramelized onions, or spicy options such as jalapenos or a garlic-chili sauce instead of ketchup.

How do I prevent my burger buns from getting soggy?


Nobody likes soggy burger buns. To prevent this from happening, we recommend adding a barrier between the burger and bun – a leaf of iceberg lettuce or spinach, a slice of tomato or your favorite cheeses are all great options.

I don’t have a grill – Can I draw grill marks on my burgers with an edible marker instead?


While edible markers are safe for cookies and cakes, to get that hot off the grill look without an outdoor grill use a grill pan to achieve the same effect.

How many flips is too many?


Burgers are happiest when flipped only one time during the grilling process.

Can I still cook my burgers if they fell on the floor?


Food safety should always be a top priority, so we advise against following the unwritten five-second rule for food consumption.

Can you cook bacon on the grill? Mine keeps falling through the grates?


Everything tastes better with bacon and for a uniform crispness, we recommend that you bake the bacon in an oven instead of cooking on the grill.

The high fat content and potential for drippings can also cause the grill to flare up and create unwanted hotspots.

What temperature should I cook my burgers to?


To avoid serving a hockey puck, the internal temperature should reach 165°F for a medium burger. You can test for doneness by inserting a cooking thermometer into the center of the burger to make sure you achieve the desired result.

My propane ran out, can I finish cooking my burgers over a fire pit?


Everyone must have S’mores on their minds because more than one caller had this question for us. We recommend finishing the burgers in a grill pan over medium-high heat on the stovetop. We also politely reminded callers to refill their propane tank in time for their next BBQ.

My dog licked my burgers, can I still cook them on the grill?


Accidents happen. Start with fresh burger meat and also keep an eye on their furry friend to make sure no ill-effects are felt from having a taste of uncooked burgers

I ran out of ground beef, can I use squirrel meat instead?


We understand that everyone has their preference and while squirrel may not be their preferred recommendation, as long as the meat is fresh and properly prepared, and cooked to a safe internal temperature, why not go for it?!

Just let their guests know what they are eating before they take a bite.


Wow, so that last one’s a little haunting. While the Yummm Hotline closed after Memorial Day, it will reopen on Father’s Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day. Y’know, the biggest days for grilling meat.

You can reach them at 1-844-RR-YUMMM. No, really. It works.

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An Open Letter To The Guy Who Ate In-N-Out For 30 Days

*If you haven’t read the first article this one is about, read it here first.*

Nast, bro. Straight nast.

As a California native and a self-proclaimed (and unapologetically and unanimously agreed upon) fatboy, I can say with all certainty that despite how much I am obsessed with In-N-Out, I could never eat it 30 days in a row. Not because I would get sick of it or because I’m concerned about health reasons. No, nothing trivial and whiny like that. I wouldn’t do it because I simply respect the shit out of In-N-Out way too much.

Dustin Wang, a 20-year-old student from Virginia recently moved to Southern California in order to attend UCI. According to him, the first thing he got when he landed was an In-N-Out burger. He’s had an outrageously unhealthy obsession with it ever since. Thanks to this obsession, Dustin decided to eat In-N-Out for 30 days straight, and thankfully, he documented his results.

However Dustin leaves a lot to be desired in terms of answers, so I decided to ask Dustin Wang a few of the tough questions that I’m sure are on everybody’s mind.

1. Dude…why?

Why do this to yourself? I understand that you want to see if you’re sick of it by the end, but why did you come to this decision in the first place? Do you really have to eat it for 30 days in a row to know you’re going to get sick of it?

I once ordered 5 tacos from Taco Bell, then I ate three and threw the other two away. I GOT SICK OF THEM MID-MEAL, DUSTIN. MID-FUCKING-MEAL. I’m getting angry with you as I’m typing this, I wish you were my child so I could legally (ish) beat you.

2. How did this affect your poopage?

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.44.16 AM

The question everybody wonders, but nobody REALLY wants to know. Not the details at least, but just if there was a difference. Like did you start eating so many burgers that you just started deucing out full ingredients? Lettuce, tomato, patty, onions, buns?

Probably not. You probably just had diarrhea for 30 straight days. Just tell me, did you? No don’t tell me, get outta here with yo nasty ass.

Seriously though, did you?

3. Did you start becoming friendly with the employees?

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.49.57 AM

I mean, you have to start learning the names of the people working there after going there continuously for 30 days, right? Did you maybe even fall in love with one of them? I’ve been known to fall in love with fast food employees every now and again so it could happen.

P.S. Myishea, you’re still the hottest In-N-Out employee I’ve ever seen, please respond to my love letters. There’s only 472, don’t be like that. Also, no restraining order can get in the way of love, don’t be ridiculous.

4. Did you ever get high before going? Or did you just eat In-N-Out sober for 30 days like a psycopath?

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.52.55 AM

Maybe the first couple of times you weren’t baked, but how do you eat that much In-N-Out that often without using performance enhancing drugs? The only way I’d be able to do that is by getting high off my ass. I’m talkin’ beaker bottom JBL with six tree stems and a slit inline quadruple percolator with an 18 mm disc diffused ash catcher and ice pinchers. BOOM.

Wait, what was I talking about? Something about burgers and weed. Eh, whatever.

5. Did you ever eat multiple meals in one day?

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.55.04 AM

This challenge is a lot tougher with In-N-Out than any other fast food place solely because of the very limited menu, so eating multiple meals in one day is tough. That being said, my question is this: did you ever, for example, eat two meals in one day so that you wouldn’t have to eat the next day? Or maybe eat a burger at 12:50 PM then eat another one at 1:00 AM, so that it was technically two meals being eaten at the same time?

Or am I the only scoundrel that thinks like that? Bullshit Dustin, you do too, shut up. Lol, fuckin’ guy.

6. When is the next time you see yourself eating In-N-Out?

After eating it for 30 days straight, how long will you wait until you eat it again? I know I’ve mocked you ever since I started writing this 638 words ago, but I’m still curious to know what the recovery time for something like that would be.

Anyone who has had In-N-Out even once before likely loves the shit out of it, so the recovery time you would require before your next burger could show people how gloriously addicting In-N-Out truly is. Let me know and I might take back some of the meaner things I said. But probably not.



Photo Credit: YouTubeGiphy, Darren Perkins, Inside Crumbzz, Totally Love It, Memes Vault, Life Hacker

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Watch How McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets Are Made


A while back, news broke that McDonald’s had allegedly been using a pink-colored slime as the basis for their Chicken McNuggets. Now McDonald’s has gone on record to deny this, saying that they use real chicken.

Recently, the fast food company began taking questions of customers and fans, then answering them through a video series titled “Our Food. Your Questions.” McDonald’s’ last video on how the McRib was made was met with mixed results. Like the previous installment, the latest episode apparently tries to put the “pink slime” rumors to rest.

Through a tour of McDonald’s chicken nugget factory, Grant Imahara of Mythbusters fame sees what actually comprises a Chicken McNugget. It appears to be neither pink, nor slimy. The TV personality, who has since signed on to host McDonald’s YouTube segment, asks the questions that have been plaguing the company.

Sure it’s a McDonald’s-produced video, but it’s not like the company has the time and resources to go out of their way to fake a chicken plant.



Ways NOT to Cook Your Turkey [COMIC]

Thanksgiving is now just days away, and many of you out there will be cooking a turkey for the first time. Even for seasoned vets, the task of cooking an entire turkey for a table of hungry mouths can be an intimidating one. One of the most trusted source of information for cooking turkey during the months of November and December is the Butterball-sponsored Turkey Talk-Line.

FOODBEAST had the chance to interview Alice, a supervisor for the Turkey Talk-Line, and has been answering turkey questions for the last 15 years. Pre-requisites for the hotline includes 2-3 weeks of training, including the actual preparation of turkeys with the various cooking methods they answer questions for. The 9 cooking methodologies include: grilling, open pan, covered pan, deep frying, electric roaster, brining, frozen turkey thawed and cooked, microwaving, and countertop roaster.

Before we get into the 3 weirdest phone calls Alice has ever answered on the Turkey Talk-Line, we’ll cover the answers to the 4 most frequently asked questions about preparing a Turkey.

Q: How long does it take to thaw a Turkey?

A: 1 day for every 4lbs OR 30 minutes per pound in cold water.

Q: How big of a Turkey should I purchase?

A: A pound and a half of turkey weight per person. This allows everyone to have a generous portion and leftovers for sandwiches and chili.

Q: When is the Turkey done?

A: Recommend using a meat thermometer. The thigh should be 180 degrees, stuffing should be 165 degrees in the center, and the breast should be 170 degrees.

Q: What’s the best way to store Turkey leftovers?

A: Take all the meat off the bone and store in the fridge for the rest of Thanksgiving weekend. If you want Turkey after the weekend, freeze the meat not used for sandwiches. The turkey will last up to 2 months.

And finally, here are the 3 ways NOT to cook your turkey – some of the weirdest calls Alice has ever received in her 15 year career…

1. If I’m cooking a turkey while traveling across time-zones in a recreational vehicle, will the Turkey cook an hour faster?

2. Is there anyway I can save my turkey if I accidentally pushed the ‘Clean’ button instead of ‘Bake’? My fiancee and parents are coming over for dinner in a few hours. 

3. Our turkey looks awful. We needed it to defrost faster, so we threw it in the dryer. But now the plastic is all melted. What can we do?