We Nailed Vegan Queso Fresco And Other Phenomenal Plant-Based Recipes

These past few years, plant-based foods have had their own renaissance. Today, the picture of vegan food has drastically transformed into nearly something identical to its carnivorous counterparts. 

In this week’s Foodbeast Recipe Challenge, the Foodbeast Family was tasked with creating mouthwatering vegan dishes that you wouldn’t typically see on restaurant menus. 

Boy, did they deliver. 

One of the coolest entries had to have been Foodbeast @Oscaroni creating a block of Vegan Queso Fresco from almonds and throwing it on an entirely meatless torta. 

Check out the video to see exactly how he pulled it off, as well as all the other amazing vegan recipes the Foodbeast family whipped up. 

This month’s chefs also include: @OneGreatVegan’s Haitian Jackfruit Enchiladas, @Dandy.Eats‘ Plant-based Nacho Burger, @AriamsVeganVida‘s Vegan Al Pastor Nachos, @Constantine_Spy‘s Vegan PopTart, @ReachHard_‘s Vegan Sloppy Ma Po Tofu Joe, and @MrBrownVegan‘s Vegan Birria Queso-Tacos. 


This Crunchwrap Burger Has a Beef Patty Encased in a Crispy, Flaky Toritlla


Tabu, a new burger joint that opened in our Santa Ana, California neighborhood a few months ago, has a history of disappointment and pleasant surprises. Once a former taco spot slinging mini empanadas, Tabu took over, renovating everything from the dingy interior to it’s menu. Yet while we had high hopes upon first walking in, the meat for the burgers and tamales they prided themselves on were too dry and nearly every item felt a little too ambitious — overpowering their dishes with spices and gobs of cheese while the basics still had to be mastered. In the end, the dishes felt like they were trying to run before they could walk.

Now, I’m happily eating my words. We heard that Tabu had a limited-time item on their menu dubbed the “Crunchwrap Burger”. Amused by the nod to Taco Bell, we headed over and ordered some to go for the office. The first bite? In order: a light flavor of queso fresco cheese, a creamy guacamole layer, flaky croissant-like tortilla, warm cheddar cheese, savory meaty beef, one last feel of crispy tortilla.

It’s what you expect them to serve in heaven, next to the iced whiskey lemonade and vintage Playboy magazines.

While the Crunchwrap Burger was Tabu’s “Burger of the Month” for June, I just checked and they’re still serving it for July. I only wish I could hoard them all, stockpiling these beefy wonders like cookie butter.

Well, lucky you.



Tabu Burgers & Bites

306 W 4th St Santa Ana, CA 92701

(714) 600-2244


This is How Every Continent Serves Corn on the Cob


A versatile and hardy plant, corn can be found on every continent except Antarctica (hmph). The golden kernels offer endless possibilities, from a simple grilled treat doused in lemon and pepper to cheesecake popcorn.

This time around, this tasty graphic decided to take things through the lens of continental food porn and combined 6 different recipes onto one corn on the cob. The visual below takes a playful approach to beloved ingredients — Sriracha, Greek yogurt, goat cheese etc. — and offers quick, slathery spreads for grilled corn. Peek the refreshing lime-avocado crema and quesco fresco, then dive deep into that recipe for maple bourbon butter folded with crumbled bacon. We know you’ve been eyeing that the entire time.

If you’re feeling particularly lazy, however, you can always skip the first step and shamelessly nuke ’em:


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