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Taco Bell Is Testing Chicken ‘Chips’ And Here’s What They Look Like


Taco Bell often tries to discreetly test some of the dankest food, but it almost always comes out to the public, spoiling their grand announcements. We’ve seen it happen with their Quesalupa, and most recently with their Cheetos Burritos.

Now it looks like the Mexican-ish fast food restaurant is messing around with “chips” that are made out of chicken. It only makes sense, because Taco Bell tries to do away with any products that even remotely seem like Mexican food, and regular tortilla chips would definitely be way too close to a real Mex dish.

A photo was posted to Reddit earlier this month, claiming a test run for “Crispy Chicken Chips” and shows them, in a Taco Bell wrapper, with what looks like either nacho cheese, or honey mustard on the side.

They kind of look like chicken strips cut into triangles, or a chicken version of Loaded Doritos at 7-Eleven.

Either way, it’s likely that Taco Bell’s getting some kind of assist from KFC here, seeing how they’re both in the same Yum Foods family tree, so I expect these to be 11 herbs and spices-worth of bomb-ass chips.


QUESALUPA: Taco Bell’s Latest Creation Combines A Chalupa And A Quesadilla

Saturday, February 6th NOTE: This article was published three weeks ago. Search Instagram for ‘Quesalupa’ to see people eating it. 

Taco Bell is taking its Chalupas and morphing them with a cheesy concept that’s scheduled to make a national debut after Super Bowl weekend.

The Mexican-ish fast food chain is rolling out a new “Quesalupa,” a monstrosity that is part Chalupa and part quesadilla, according to Brand Eating. This beast is highlighted by a pepper jack cheese-stuffed shell, with ground beef, sour cream, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese and diced tomato.

In 2015, Taco Bell tested this thing out in Toledo, Ohio and it must have been a hit because the new item is releasing nationwide after its 30-second Super Bowl AD spot February 7.

Taco Bell keeps coming hard with these mashups, as we’ve seen with their Doritos Locos Tacos, Waffle Tacos and even a Cap’n Crunch delights.

Here’s hoping they bring back the racist Taco Bell Chihuahua for the Super Bowl as well.



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QUESALUPA: Taco Bell’s Next Big Thing Might Be a Cheese-Stuffed Chalupa Shell


It’s called the “Quesalupa” and it takes the brand’s notorious flaky and fried chalupa shell and treats it like a quesadilla, stuffing that bad boy with melted pepper jack cheese.

The #foodbeast friendly people at Taco Bell are giving this product the same “throw that shit in the deep end” trial it gave to its successful Doritos Locos Taco shell, by testing it in Toledo, the fourth most populous city in Ohio (thanks Wikipedia).

But Taco Bell seems to know what they’re doing, reaming the crowds for as much social media cred as they can before they release their gastronomical abomination to the masses. Or not. Apparently it’s all up to Toledo, OH, where the Quesalupa will be available in 36 stores in the area for a test price of $2.99:



 Toledo has the Quesalupa. If they don’t like it, America won’t get it. Tweet w/ #Quesalupa if u want it in your town. Taco Bell

We’ve gathered a few of the Instagram photos we could find of people trying it out. If you get your hands on one, definitely tag #foodbeast in it or upload it in the comments—we’d love to see!

Here’s a growing list we’ll keep updated:

Here’s a Quesalupa from a girl called Vibe Chick:



Here’s Thomas Craw eating one, still in the promo holder: