Newly Discovered Surfing Spider Makes One Terrifying Fisherman

In terrifyingly cool news, scientists have discovered a species of spider in Queensland, Australia. The arachnid is capable of swimming and catching its own fish to eat, according to Business Insider.

The Dolomedes briangreenei, named after Columbia University Professor Brian Greene, was unveiled to the world at the World Science Festival.


About the size of a human palm, the arachnid uses vibrations on the surface of the water to swim, or surf, around and look for prey.

It’s capable of catching fish, frogs and tadpoles. The spider also eats cane toads, which can grow up to 6 inches from snout to tail.

Let’s take a second and picture a spider chowing down on that.

Still, it’s awesome there’s so many creatures out there that haven’t been discovered yet.

Photo: Queensland Museum