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Inside Look at Making a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Commercial-Ready

Bet you didn’t know a hamburger could have a stylist?

If you’ve ever wondered why your burger never looks quite as amazing as it does in commercials or a menu, it’s because a lot more work goes into those special tv-ready meals.

McDonald’s Canada gives an inside look at how the burgers are set up and styled for commercials and photos.

The crew in the video explains that they set up the burgers so that the ingredients are visible, that way the consumer knows what they are getting.

Director of marketing at McDonald’s Canada, Hope Bagozzi, bought a Quarter Pounder with cheese from a local McDonald’s, took it to a photo studio and made a side-by-side comparison of the burger bought from the store and the burger set up to be photographed.

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Craving: McDonald's Double Pounder

In today’s day and age, there are quite a few ways to kill yourself. Some utilize high bridges, while others take sharp objects to parts of their anatomy (remember, up the river does the trick, not across the pond…wait, that doesn’t rhyme). One of the more recent and arguably more controversial ways of offing yourself is by ordering McDonald’s Quarter Pounder…x8, and then eating it in one sitting. For $15, Flickr user MobyWhale shows you just how it’s done! Please celebrate National Foodbeast Day responsibly!


Craving: McSurf n Turf

Take a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with cheese and stuff it with a Filet-O-Fish. Got me hungry, that’s for sure! (Thx Crotchbat)


McDonald's Opens Quarter Pounder Restaurants In Japan

Quarter Pounder Restaurants 

McDonald’s has opened two restaurants in Japan that sell only Quarter Pounder meals (single or double). Aptly titled, Quarter Pounder, the restaurants are probably part of a marketing campaign to promote the burger which is not currently sold in regular McDonald’s restaurants. (Thx Neil Duckett)