Qdoba Worker Unknowingly Spreads Life-Threatening Disease


It looks like a pretty bad trend is starting among major fast food Mexican joints as they keep getting people sick.

Just last week, Chipotle got hit with an E. Coli outbreak that closed down at least 43 stores, now Qdoba’s wrapping up an unusual Typhoid Fever scare that affected three people in Colorado, according to Yahoo.

While typhoid is classified as a “Life-threatening illness” by the CDC, all three of the affected people recovered. The usual symptoms for Typhoid fever include a constant high fever, spotted rashes, and oddly enough, a steady heart rate.

The incident occurred back in August, but the information’s barely coming out because the infection is so rare, it takes weeks to properly diagnose.

The outbreak appears to have started with an employee who was handling food, and unknowingly was carrying the disease. It’s not totally his fault because you can go weeks without even feeling a symptom.

While the infection is rare in the US, only affecting about 5,700 a year, over 21.5 million people are affected with Typhoid fever in underdeveloped countries.

Thankfully these cases weren’t deadly, and as tragic as it might sound, maybe we should stay away from burritos for a while.

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Qdoba To Smother Burritos In New Spicy Mango Tequila Sauce


Fans of Qdoba Mexican Grill might be delighted to hear that the quick-service Mexican food chain will begin offering a new smother to their food this summer.

New to the menu will be the Spicy Tequila Mango Smother. Made with a sweet and spicy blend of mangos and habanero, the sweet and spicy elements are combined with lime and tequila. Sounds like a pretty good time, to be honest.

The sister brand to Jack In The Box is known for their variety of smother sauces.

Smothers can be added to any of Qdoba’s menu options including a burrito, nachos, or a burrito bowl. The chain will also bring back the mango salsa and mango salad to go with the new mango sauce.


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Qdoba Does Christmas, Smothers Burritos with Green and Red Sauces


Fast-casual Mexican chain, Qdoba, is offering a new smothered option for their burritos. What smothered means is that your burritos will be stuffed and drenched with sauce. The sauce choices are Tangy Verde, Bold Red Chile or Smokey Chipotle Cream.

If you mix the Verde and Red Chile, you’ll bring together two iconic colors, creating a Christmas burrito.

Along with the sauce smother, the burritos feature the customer’s choice of protein, rice, beans and shredded cheese. Then they’re topped with sour cream, lettuce and pico de gallo.

Burrito options include Vegetarian ($7.80), Grilled Chicken ($7.80), Grilled Beef ($8.40), Shredded Beef ($8.40), Ground Sirloin ($7.80) and Pork ($8.40). Prices may vary depending on location.

Not saying mixing two different spicy sauces is a bad idea, but you may want to avoid any intimate family moments post-Christmas burrito.

Just saying.

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Qdoba’s New Mango Mojo Menu Promises Some Sweet Heat


Summer just got a lot sweeter at Qdoba.

The Chipotle-sque fresh mex chain is adding a touch of sweet and spicy to its summer menu with the addition of three new menu items. Each entree features Qdoba’s Mango Mojo Sauce, which is described as a sweet red chili sauce tossed with chunks of fresh mango. So does this mean I can make anything “mango mojo” at home with a ripe mango and my trusty Mae Ploy sauce? The new items also come dressed with a spicy mango salsa with some jalapeño for kick.

The Mango Mojo Trio is basically nachos on steroids. It features tortilla chips topped with a 3-cheese queso, house made guacamole, Spicy Mango Salsa, and finished with Mango Mojo Sauce.

The Mango Mojo Burrito comes with your choice of meat, rice, beans, romaine, tortilla strips, Spicy Mango Salsa, and Mango Mojo Sauce wrapped up tight in a tortilla. Why a burrito needs tortilla strips is beyond me.

Last but not least, the Mango Mojo Salad boasts a fried tortilla shell filled with lettuce, grilled chicken, classic Mango Salsa, Mango Mojo Sauce, and a cilantro lime vinaigrette.

The new Mango Mojo menu is only available for a limited time so hurry on over to your nearest Qdoba.

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Whore Yourself Out For Free Mexican Food at Qdoba This Valentine’s Day

Qdoba Mexican Grill is ditching the idea of coupons this Valentine’s Day in favor of public displays of affection. On February 14th, Tuesday…or in certain circles, Taco Tuesday…err…Valentine’s Day, Qdoba will be offering up a buy one get one free deal for all of its customers. To initiate the deal, you’ll have to head in on February 14th, buy one entree and share a kiss with a “signifcicant other, family member, friend or understanding stranger.”

Find a location near you. Per usual, the offer is valid at “participating locations” and not valid with other offers.

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Qdoba Restaurant Introduces Mini Street Tacos

Fast casual “Fresh Mex” restaurant Qdoba Mexican Grill has introduced a line of mini street tacos for a limited time only. The tacos come in packs of three, utilizing snack-sized soft corn tortillas lined with your choice of pulled pork or shredded beef, diced red onion and fresh cilantro. The meal also comes complete with a side of Ancho Chile BBQ beans. The meal should set you back around $4.99.