Nothing Says Fashion More Than These Food Handbags


Etsy artist Rommy Kuperus makes and sells these fun food handbags and accessories! She’s got all kinds of kooky food purses — a salad, some cheese fries, an entire rotisserie chicken, a bag of M&Ms, a jar or Nutella, and more! My personal favorite is the baguette. Something about it just gets me every time. Or should I say something about it just baguettes me every time? Yes. Yes I should.















Written by Brittany High, Incredible Things || Geyser Of Awesome


Giant Handbag Flask Lets You Smuggle More Than a Fifth of Booze


Take it from a female, most handbags are way too big for what we put in there. A small clutch is perfectly adequate for sunglasses, cell phones, and wallets, so unless you’re lugging around a bowling ball, is there really any reason to carry a bowling ball-sized bag?

Well, here’s a satchel that actually makes use of all the extra space: the Bev-Bag Secret Handbag Flask. From the folks who previously brought us the hairbrush flask is this new, monstrous purse that also holds 28 ounces (or a little larger than a fifth) of booze. $36 buys you the mildly stylish, black leather drink smuggling vehicle, plus the benefit of not having to spend $12 on craft cocktails or $8 on craft beers anywhere.

Although, as one Geekologie reader pointed out, at this size, you really might as well just bring the whole bottle.


Scented Purse Makes Your Change Smell Like Bubblegum

Are you in the market to purchase a new coin purse? Or maybe just sniff one? Well, today’s your lucky day, because we’ve come across the Bubblegum Scent Coin Purse.

This handy penny-holder smells like yummy bubblegum. Why? We say why not! It’s about time the coin purse game  amped up a bit, and this version even comes in a variety of great colors — blue, light pink, purple, darker pink, orange and yellow.

We know, swag.

Bubblegum Scent Coin Purse, $6 @NeatoShop

PicThx NeatoShop


Fast Food Purse Frees Up One Hand for Activities

to-go packaging

Fast food is not as easy as it sounds. One of the worst parts is having to carry a rolled-up, handle-less, greasy paper bag in one hand and a giant, slippery cup of soda in the other. You’re completely incapacitated until you reach your destination, and by then you’ve only sucked down half your drink, while the food gets colder every second.

No more! A new to-go packaging design could revolutionize (we’re serious, guys) the very system we rely on for quick, cheap eats. Simply slide your fries and hamburger into designated slots in this cardboard purse, slip the cup into the hole at the bottom, fold and grab by the handles and get on with your life.

But, uh, can I Super-Size that?

H/T First We Feast + PicThx Funri


A Bagel, With Cream Cheese, and You Can Put Your Money In It

If you’re in need of pouches that look like food you customarily eat for breakfast, let me introduce you to this Bagel Pocket Pouch. This 3-D photo printed pouch looks like a real bagel, with cream cheese, but it maintains two pockets in one convenient magnetic closure.

The individual zippered pouches fit small accessories such as a phone, pens, lip gloss, money and credit cards. Measuring 6.6 x 6.6 x 2.5-inches, this isn’t a male wallet replacer (unless you find a way to dangle this from your waist), but this might be a fun way for you females to hide belongings in your purse.

You should be more wary of strangers taking a bite into it than having your money stolen. Everyone I know keeps a bagel in their purse. Is that weird?

($9.49 @ Amazon)


Photo Realistic Hamburger Pouch

Realism is the strongest feature of this rather awesome burger pouch. The entire unit is made of photo-print polyester with two separate zippered compartments that snap together. When put together, the burger measures 2.5″ x 4.5″ x 4.5″. Don’t put it in your mouth though, it’s definitely not edible…or is it funny or attractive. Okay, it’s kind of funny. ($14 @ FredFlare)


The Sandwich Purse

What every woman needs…some carbohydrates. This baguette handbag carries it all and it looks good enough to eat! (Thx insansewiches)


Beef Jerky Chanel Bag

Design student genius, Nancy Wu at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, created this 100-percent Beef Jerky Chanel bag project as a commentary of sorts on designer accessories. Why carry beef jerky around in your purse, when you could just chew it right off your bag! Can you imagine seeing a well-dressed women just knawing on her purse at lunchtime, it would be funny and gross at the same time. Also check out Nancy’s Louis Vuitton Jerky Wallet and closeups to the purse after the jump. (Thx Gigglesugar)