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11 Of The Most Popular Brunch Dishes Around The World [Infographic]

Aside from breakfast, brunch is arguably the best meal of the day. In this heavenly in-between realm, you can walk the line between breakfast and lunch with a bevy of mouthwatering dishes and drinks to kick off your day.

Have you ever wondered, though, what brunch looked like around the world?

Last Minute, an online travel group, took a look at 11 brunch dishes from 11 major cities around the world and compiled them into a beautifully illustrated infographic.

The infographic features information about both a dish and a beverage to pair with it. A tip on dining etiquette is also provided for each city as well as a fun fact about the culture.

As we feed our brains with this cornucopia of culture, our stomaches are pissed off and ready for food.

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Watch This Guy Get Punched Out After Spitting On A Vendor’s Food

A video posted by WorldstarHipHop (@worldstar) on

Disagreements between customers and vendors happen, but hopefully cooler heads eventually prevail, and nobody gets hurt.

That wasn’t the case at a hot dog food cart in Sweden, as this Worldstar video shows an older gentleman behind the counter punch a customer right in the forehead after a heated exchange.

The argument itself wasn’t what escalated things, it was only after the customer leaned over the counter and slowly spit out what he was eating, that the vendor lost his cool. Before any of the masticated mess could reach the food, the punch was thrown and the cook wiped off his counter.

While that’s not exactly the kind of customer service you want to see at any establishment, that customer was being a dick, and deserved to get punched out. It even looked like his lady friend was recording the whole thing, anticipating that he would do something stupid.

No one seemed to be seriously hurt. The patron walked away with his consciousness in tact, and everyone went about their day.


This MLB Player Earned Free BBQ For Life With A Single Punch [WATCH]

I’m not even a really big baseball fan, but I sure as hell might be after seeing Rougned Odor crack Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista in the face. That’s the kind of shit I live for.

Last year in game 5 of the 2015 American League Division Series against the , Bautista served up a three-run-homer at a pivotal time in the 7th inning. After cracking the baseball, he stared down the pitcher for a moment then flipped his bat up into the air as he and his teammates went jogging around the bases on their way to a win. This did not sit well with Rangers fans and players alike.

Well, last Sunday, Bautista was rounding the bases and slid dangerously into second basemen Rougned Odor. This, being a big “fuck you” in baseball, led to Odor first shoving Bautista then clocking him square in the jaw so hard that Bautista’s sunglasses went flying off of his face.

As I’m sure you can imagine, Texas fans LOVED this. They were so happy that Odor punched Bautista that one fan even started a GoFundMe page in order to raise enough money to pay for his fines. The uber fandom doesn’t stop there, however, as Odor had one more enthusiastic fan give him a deal nobody would be mad about.

Travis Heim, the owner of Heim BBQ in Fort Worth, Texas, publicly declared that Odor had earned himself a lifetime supply of BBQ from his joint, all thanks to the smackdown he doled out to Bautista. “We just thought it would be a funny thing if we gave Rougie free food because he wasn’t the only one who wanted to punch Bautista after last year,” said Heim to NBC 5 News.

Heim has even started selling t-shirts honoring the man and the moment Texas fans will internalize and remember for years to come, with at least 200 sold already in the past few days. Now he just prays that Odor doesn’t abuse his newfound privileges. “Hopefully, he doesn’t like barbecue too much, because then we might be in the red,” Heim said. “It’s just a fun deal, you know.”



Pizza Slap Turns into a Fist Fight


Chances are if you decide to slap someone in the face with a pizza, shit’s about to go down. In a video posted on LiveLeak, a curly-haired gentleman boldly decided to smack another fellow in the face with a slice of pie. He then calmly laughs it off and proceeds to sit down.

It’s all good, right?

Nah. Turns out having a pizza to the face is not the best feeling in the world. The gentleman who was struck felt that he was done an incredible injustice. As you can see in the background of the video, the slapee is struggling internally with his feelings over the incident that’s occurred. The curly-haired slapper, however, decides to sit down and relax as if nothing happened.

Fast-forward to a few seconds later when the man with pizza on his face decides to give his attacker a spirited cuff.

While we’re sure there are two sides to every story, this video is definitely one-sided. Watch for yourselves below.

Note: We at Foodbeast do not condone slapping anyone in the face with a pizza unless it’s very slowly in the mouth. 


Pizza Delivery Guy Attacked – Next Time Remember Those Garlic Knots!

When delivering pizza, one of the most important things they tell you is to make sure you have everything you need before you sit your butt in the car. That being said, is it really worth punching a guy in the face for forgetting to bring you garlic knots? Apparently: Yes.

Robert Wheeler, 48, allegedly punched his Vero Beach, Fla. pizza deliveryman in the face for not showing up with his complete order. What did he forget? Garlic Knots. The 348-pound tank of a man told the deliveryman “give that to the person working on the phone back at the restaurant” according to TCPalm.

While Wheeler admits to striking the deliveryman, he claims it was due to the restaurant owing him money, not because of the garlic knots. Either way, both reasons probably won’t look too great in front of a judge. Wheeler was arrested with a misdemeanor battery charge and is currently out on $500 bail. He will appear in court on Sept. 18.

Now, I’ve forgotten my fair share of food back in my delivery days…thankfully I’ve never gotten more than an stern talking to.

via: TCPalm and Huffington Post


Video of the Day: People Getting Punched Before Eating

As a quick shout out to Andy Samberg who will be hosting tonight’s MTV Movie Awards, here’s an SNL digital short of his, consisting of his mission to punch out people before food reaches their mouth.