Denny’s Hops on the Pumpkin Train with Pumpkin Pancakes and Pumpkin Coffee


If you aren’t sick of pumpkin-flavored products yet, Denny’s might finally drive you off a cliff with their annual offering of Pumpkin Pancakes. You can get a plate with two Pumpkin Pancakes, two eggs, hash browns and your choice of two bacon strips or two sausage links. Joining the Pumpkin Pancakes starting this month are a new Pumpkin Coffee, the new Red Velvet Milkshake, the Build-Your-Own Holiday Slam, Holiday Turkey & Dressing Dinner, and Red Velvet Pancake Puppies.

It’s not even November, but we’ve already seen Pumpkin-flavored biscuits from KFC Japan, Pumpkin Spice Oreos and even Chocolate-covered Pumpkin Twinkies. With all the pumpkin filling up our plates, maybe these pancakes aren’t the most obnoxious of the bunch. And since Americans consume 5 pounds of pumpkin a year, why not let some of that come from a fluffy pancake, accompanied by a side of bacon?

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IHOP Releases Eggnog Pancakes & Three Other Holiday Hotcakes

Starting now and running through January 1st, participating IHOP locations will be serving up four new flavors of hotcakes for those itching to get into some seasonal goodies. Included in the mix are White Chocolate Chip Mint Pancakes, Pumpkin Praline Pancakes, Eggnog Pancakes and a simple & fit option in the form of their Pumpkin Pancake Combo.

The White Chocolate Chip Mint Pancake feature fluffy buttermilk pancakes filled with white chocolate chips, topped with crunchy peppermint flakes and creamy whipped topping.

The Pumpkin Praline Pancakes made with real pumpkin and spices, then topped with a drizzle of caramel flavored sauce, a sprinkle of praline glazed pecans and whipped topping.

The  Eggnog Pancakes utilize eggnog cream with cinnamon and nutmeg layered between sweet golden pancakes. The entire stack is topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, a drizzle of butter rum flavored sauce and creamy whipped topping.

The last option is a bit of a wrench in the system, as it fis into their “Under 600 Calories – Simple & Fit” menu. The Simple & Fit Pumpkin Pancake Combo comes with two signature pumpkin pancakes served with scrambled egg substitute and two strips of turkey bacon.