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College Student Hilariously Trolls Dorm And Its ‘No Pumpkin’ Policy

There’s a dorm at the University of Akron that has a strict ‘no pumpkin’ policy for its tenants, but that didn’t stop one student from spreading joy this Halloween.

The dorm’s rulebook says that students cannot leave out jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, because of their tendency to rot and bring in unwanted critters to the building. However, student Alex Schwarz found a loophole, as he carved a whole pineapple and left it out in front of his room, instead.

Schwarz thought he beat the system, and while he kind of did (convincing the dorm’s Resident Assistants that it was fine as long as he threw it away after), one of them quickly disposed of the Halloween pineapple while it was left unattended.

Schwarz is a fighter, though, and wasn’t going to let “the man” win, so for his next fruitful carving experiment, he laid out an entire row of apples in front of his dorm room and left a simple message for the RAs, that said, “Gone” with a smiley face.

Schwarz played by the rules and managed to ruffle some feathers along the way. Well played, Alex. Well played.

h/t brobible

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Watch This Guy Carve A Pumpkin With An AK47

This guy’s pumpkin carving kit is way better than any you’ve ever seen. While it doesn’t have scoopers, or scrapers, his AK 47 rifle and Colt 45 seem to be way more effective.

His name is Greg Kinman and he runs the YouTube channel called hickok45, which is filled with videos of him showing off his gun-shooting expertise.

For Halloween, he foregoes the traditional family pumpkin carving, and instead opts for something more trigger-happy.

With crazy precision, Kinman shoots a smiling face onto his pumpkins, using nothing more than his guns.

The guy just seems to have a knack for f*cking up pumpkins. He even put together a compilation of “pumpkin killing methods,” where he destroys pumpkins with not only guns, but a chainsaw, and even an electric guitar:

Obviously, you don’t want young children trying these method, or maybe you do. I don’t know, to each their own, but be careful.


Fantastic Four Inspires Fantastic Pumpkin Carving

Note: ‘Carving’ might be a little generous here, but considering the size of this thing, we’ll let it slide.

Tired of all those wimpy pumpkin carvings only using one pumpkin? Are you sick of seeing Jack-o-Lanterns restricted to porch steps, all tiny and lit by a single candle? Do you want your pumpkin sculptures to be both intimidating and scantily clad?

Look no further than this beast: a life-size, eleven-pumpkin, light-up Jack-o-Lantern in the form of The Thing from Fantastic Four.


Created by Reddit’s wizardtig, this guy stands at an impressive 6’4″ and is built on a wood-and-chicken-wire frame, towering over all those other sad, tiny Jack-o-Lanterns, probably bellowing in pumpkin-speak, something like, “It’s clobberin’ time!”

Because, you know…it’s The Thing.

Source/Photo Credit Obvious Winner


Finally, Somebody Made a Giant Penis Pumpkin Carving [Mildly NSFW]

Without being told, it might be a little hard to believe this giant yellow peen is made of pumpkin, the same stuff that goes in your lattes and your cookies and pretty much every fall food item imaginable. But hey, if someone’s ballsy enough to admit he carved a giant yellow penis in the first place, I think it’s safe to assume he’s not lying about anything else either.

Check out the full-res version, courtesy of deviantart user kissel71, below; because believe us, size does matter.

[Via Obvious Winner]


Don’t Try This At Home – Pumpkin Carving for Adults

Hickok45, in case you are not one of the 190,000 people who viewed his most recent pumpkin carving YouTube video, is a middle-school teacher from Tennessee who has found a solution to the arduous work of carving a pumpkin. A knife, which makes its way through the shell of a pumpkin at painstaking rates and is a lackluster tool for the purposes of executing perfect circles for eyes, will seem obsolete whence you view Hickok45, otherwise known as Greg. This year, Greg wielded a Colt 1911 and aimed it at a pumpkin to carve out a jack-o-lantern. Really.

Unless you have an offbeat Grandpa like Hickok, or are an expert marksman yourself, I would stick strictly to watching videos on his YouTube Channel. You can learn a lot from Hickok45, things that will make you wish you had a Smith & Wesson to turn the lights off when you are too cozy in bed to get up and use the light switch.


Portal Pumpkin is a “Huge Success!”

First of all, if you’ve never played Portal, Valve’s insanely famous five-year-old first-person puzzle video game, stop what you’re doing and go play it. Now. Don’t come back until you know whether or not the cake is a lie.

Then return to this article and enjoy this pumpkin carving that is pretty much on par with the Statue of David.

This pumpkin-turned-defense-turret is the 2010 brain child of Neil Fraser, and comes complete with a tiny internal motor and gears, and (presumably horrifying) panning motions, just like in the game.

Now all it needs is a speaker. Imagine: You plant this thing in front of your house, and the first too-cool-to-trick-or-treat sixteen-year-old gets a disembodied, “I see you.”

Happy Halloween indeed.

Via Incredible Things



Well Aren’t These Just The Coolest Damn Pumpkin Carvings You Ever Did See?

Admit it, when it comes to seasonal food innovation, autumn tends to be sorely lacking. It’s always pumpkin this, pumpkin that (where are the Thankstini‘s, I ask you? With the cranberry juice and the potato vodka and the bouillion cubes as garnish?)

Well it turns out the world’s culinary creativity hasn’t disappeared (thank God); it’s just being harnessed by the geniuses at Villafane Studios into making, as we’ve said, just the coolest damn pumpkin carvings the world ever did see. Check out a few of our favorites below:

Full disclosure: Ray Villafane (VS’s head gourd) has been doing this for a while now, enough to garner the attention of CBS and Martha Stewart and even us, believe it or not. But for those of you who’ve been missing out, next week Villafane will be returning to NYC to revisit last year’s epic Zombies in the Garden display, starting off at Grand Central Station, then hitching a ride over to the Botanical Gardens for a “Return of the Zombies” (October 19th – 21st).

Villafane’s website promises “it’s going to be the best yet,” but based on this time-lapse video of last year’s event below, Villafane + friends may just have their work cut out for them.

It’s going to be legend — wait for it. . .

Celebrity Grub

If You’re Snooki, This is What Your Pumpkin Carving Looks Like

If you’re Snooki a.k.a NiC0LE P0LiZZi a.k.a. no-grown-woman-should-TypE-l!k3-thIS, from the Jersey Shore, then your pumpkin carving looks like a bedazzled, zebra-striped Halloween delicacy with a high-heeled shoe carved out. I also just learned that this lady has a line of slippers exclusive to Kohl’s, so you know you can expect great things. Oh. See what I did there?